Dec 24, 2007

No person

No person has rights unless we all do.

My Friends, I love you.

My child, I love you as much as any parent loves theirs. They want everything for you, I will give it to you, you know.

If you hurt, I will protect you.


You will love your childs.....

If You Are Allowed To [see war here] and don't live bad places you stupid unfortunate cunts

Oh yeah, love.

My baby.

Lets roast it. Say hello to my mom in Iraq.

She had a child, first it got fried, then she went to get it.

I fucking love war.

Lets drop a real frying pan.

You want to hear a description?

First, turn your oven to 450.

Then I will tell you that is like a freezer.

You want scary?

No, you do not. I will show you ugly. I am a physicist. I will hurt you.

We don't know know anything like nakashima, or dreseden. You do not know what our planet will be like, If You Are Unfortunate Enough Not To Get Instantly Burned To an Instant Crisp Without Hearing Your Child Crackle First.

Fuck Off. If You Are LUCKY. LETS TAKE A LOOK....



Admiration for each other.

love is

i met her and right away she looked and tiny but no look but each knew so maybe ast home later thinking about fucking stupid power play canadians, actually not to bad, markov good shot? HAHAS, then drowsy today i rember the silly things.

Store, walking to see my frozen pizza, with feta cheezes, where is it. WTF? Do they sell it. yeh i remebers them having it from last time and I thought about it with burnt tomatoes and feta sausages and all the greases and tight crussts, the her wht the fuck did that come from and i went to the store many times.

Never seern herr.

Yse I did.

I married her.

You know it, she loved me so much. I coulld not have hurt anyone more if I I tokk our little bboy and stuck a pipe up his ass into his skull and let him screech.

That is hate, and who gives a fuck if it doesn'tr happen to my little girl.

I will take your child and say hello aand then pass by as you you take her to the swing and push her than you smile in th4 warm sun.

I wish that for everytone.
That is heaven, hey? You and you childs, they is happiest as they can.

That is heaven,

when I know


and your tiny baybe have this closeness that they know you to hold them. They feel comfort, you have it you give, you get love back.

What do you want for othters. Your car is driving over 3 months child. You look?

Get the fuck out to put gas into your pathetic vehicle, and stomp on a baby while mommy gets her ccunt split with a machete while she still will not fall to bring the food to her baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Off the top of my head....

mikmik said...

Some people starve and die when they are childs. We have bones only, and diahrea, we been bit.

Where is mommy, she is cutting raped and cut into her cunt, she only had had the tiny task of getting a fiddy poun sack, carry it to me, for FUCKS SAKE.

Thanks for making me.

I am dying. Mike will say this for me.

Will you?

I am fine, how are you?

This is a canadian thought.. I got inspiration for this thought at Canadian Cynic.

Of course it isn't only canadian, it is a human thought. I cannot wait to melt you with fusiions.

You will die when you look at the bright spot it will hurt you so fucking much, it will it is to late you read this you are in indescribable pain i put gas on you and lie into you eye you cant remember you hurt, you fucking beg me, you fucking beg me with every hope you have.

Fuck off, and beg me to kill you. i cant cunt, i am dead as well it is a thing it is over ever thing you loved is hert beyond what you feel and you wish to die but you will only burn for the next 4 secons is it hot you dont know pain.

Fucking stab you through de eyes, with an awl, red hot, haha, you looked, not dead, fuckheads.

Dada on flight one he dont die, you niether.

No more childs, only melted skins and crying for you to help but you cant see cunt.

It is 6 months old and stuck to the pavement. You die, but you cant kill it to help it.

You do not know pain.

Not even close.

Because We Are.

Dec 23, 2007

What makes you

Libertarian is all good.

What good are your rights when a dying man is taking your possessions.

O woman will sell herself to provide food for her kids. That is fine. But her kids will grow up, and fuck you up.

That is libertarian, no that is pain, and that is what Ron Paul brings. To 30% of the population, if not more.
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Do not forget that dying man will kill you if he thinks you have weapons.
Then he will the next victim with possessions with those weapons.

I'm not aware of too many things, I know what I know if you what I mean.
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Know it.

It will happen. It does always, sorry, all ways.

Land mines, mofo. Your fucking guns in Canada.

Hah. :(----
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No person has rights unless all people have equal rights.

Get that the fuck through your skull.
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That is the most important saying in history.

Who said it?


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Every life is precious. Then they all are.

Then they all are.

When is your life precious?

tell me, Ron fucking Paul.

You go tell me.
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Dec 22, 2007

Words of eloquence

Evolution is one of the great ideas of western civilization. It unites disparate parts of science related to biology, such as botany, zoology, mycology, nuclear physics, chemistry, geology, paleontology and archeology, into a larger framework that helps scientists understand nature. This knowledge in this framework can then be applied to serious matters such as increasing crop yields and the “green revolution” of Norman Borlaug, in order to feed humanity (a task we still have yet to achieve), or to figuring out the causes and treatments, and perhaps cures for diabetes.

In Texas, we use evolution to fight the cotton boll weevil and imported fire ants, to make the Rio Grande Valley productive with citrus fruit, and to treat and cure cancer and other diseases. We use corroborating sciences, such as geology, to find and extract coal, petroleum and natural gas.

Am I being dogmatic when I say Texas kids need to know that? None of that science rests solely on a proclamation by any religious sect. All of that science is based on observations of nature and experiments in laboratories. Evolution theory is the based on extensive observations in nature and millions of experimental procedures, not one of which has succeeded in finding any of the alleged weaknesses in the theory.

400 Deniers; Only 52 Believers

Little by little the myth dies ... and now it turns out that maybe as few as 52 scientists contributed to the IPCC reports:

Yeah, 177 science bodies were put out by 52 researchers?!?
HAH!!! See this, stunned fuck:
This consensus is represented in the IPCC Third Assessment Report, Working Group 1 (TAR WG1), the most comprehensive compilation and summary of current climate research ever attempted, and arguably the most thoroughly peer reviewed scientific document in history. While this review was sponsored by the UN, the research it compiled and reviewed was not, and the scientists involved were independent and came from all over the world.

The conclusions reached in this document have been explicitly endorsed by ...

* Academia Brasiliera de Ciências (Bazil)
* Royal Society of Canada
* Chinese Academy of Sciences
* Academié des Sciences (France)
* Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina (Germany)
* Indian National Science Academy
* Accademia dei Lincei (Italy)
* Science Council of Japan
* Russian Academy of Sciences
* Royal Society (United Kingdom)
* National Academy of Sciences (United States of America)
* Australian Academy of Sciences
* Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and the Arts
* Caribbean Academy of Sciences
* Indonesian Academy of Sciences
* Royal Irish Academy
* Academy of Sciences Malaysia
* Academy Council of the Royal Society of New Zealand
* Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

... in either one or both of these documents: PDF, PDF.

In addition to these national academies, the following institutions specializing in climate, atmosphere, ocean, and/or earth sciences have endorsed or published the same conclusions as presented in the TAR report:

* NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS)
* National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
* National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
* State of the Canadian Cryosphere (SOCC)
* Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
* Royal Society of the United Kingdom (RS)
* American Geophysical Union (AGU)
* American Institute of Physics (AIP)
* National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
* American Meteorological Society (AMS)
* Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS)

If this is not scientific consensus, what in the world would a consensus look like?

(Addendum: One could legitimately argue that such policy statements by necessity hide possibly legitimate internal debate while trying to present unity of position. Science is ultimately determined in peer reviewed journals. Fortunately, there is a bit of research that looked specifically at this very question -- the subject of another guide entry.)

From the comments:
I don't believe it's a fact. I have grave misgiving about the IPCC, as do many people far closer to the IPCC than I. So, I don't believe in working toward fixing a non-problem. Try me on factual environmental issues though, and you might be surprised at my response.

How about if I do?
You have grave misgivings. So f***ing what? As to which people are 'closer to the IPCC'??
You always believe the minority? Why don't you go ahead and introduce us to your friends that you seem so familiar with, the 'ones much closer to the IPCC'.

There are the IPCC, they are not close, they are it. I believe them over you, and I can also evaluate raw scientific publishings. I also remember reading in the mid seventies about the build up CO2 in our atmosphere, and that this would happen, and I also remember exact predictions of when and what would happen.

You got any BS 'authorities' that have that record? Because if you don't have alternate climate models that predict this and then show it as an anomaly, or random fluctuation, then STFU.

And I mean taking into account not only CO2 levels and the correlations to the melting of glaciers and north polar ice, but explaining what the next twenty years will be like based on sound extrapolation.

Do it, MoFo.

You can't. I know you can't.

Fucking idiot here

Celestial junk (is right!)

There’s an unwritten rule among “progressives” that one is not allowed to condemn Islam.

Ha, your whole argument is based on an incorrect assumption - or should I say slanderous presupposition.

Pity the small mind mind that argues against straw men.

You are not bright, you are dull.

I will go on the record as stating that all religion is inane and misguided. Furthermore, Islamic radicals are particularily violent, but that is owing more to their backward culture than the philosophy of their religion.

Anyone that lives by dogma and/or assumption and colored thinking, instead of pragmatic evaluation of pertinent reality and available information, is stupid.

I include you in the latter.

You insult me with your trite meanderings. I am NDP. I know how to think, and when you want lessons in cognition, I will gladly give them to you.

There are no rules, there is only evaluation of immediate situation. Of course, one must have a developed morality to understand this.

- - -
comment #11
3. "You don't seem to be able to distinguish the difference and, to be completely blunt, just demonstrated what you don't know, as opposed to what you do."

When huge numbers of that so-elusive person, the "moderate Muslim" demonstrate AGAINST Islamofascism, against Islamic terrorism; AGAINST persecuting non-Muslims in majority Muslim countries; FOR equal human rights for women, for gays, for all peoples of whatever faith...

When all these events come to pass, I'll say, OK there is Christian extremism, like Islamic extremism. I think it a damn safe bet I'll NEVER have to do this.

What do you think about this, Dave? Do you agree my preconditions are fair and reasonable, in keeping with Western liberal democracy and humanitarian values? Or, if you disagree, please tell me why.
Dave in Pa. | 12.22.07 - 2:33 am | #

Dave in Pa, you didn't finish your #2 statement. Learn how to make a valid point, why don't you.

For instance, #3, you expect an irrelevant occurrence to 'come to pass' as you say, before you pass judgment on an unrelated situation.
That makes no sense. None whatsoever.

There are hundreds of examples of Christian motivated acts of extreme violence. It does not matter if anyone else is more violent, or less, the acts of Christian radicals speak for themselves.

See you in Ireland, or Spain. You tell all the people that died there that they don't count.

I fucking dare you, freak

I cannot fucking stand stupid fucking morons that get hysterical and self righteous over false claims of others behaviour. If you are so fucking moronic as to have to make shit up in order to screech and whine and feel superior, you are fucking beneath pathetic.

You got that? What a fucking wimp.

Dec 6, 2007

Reply to wingnut space-cadet

With respect, you seem to have missed the point. Gonzalez WAS doing research that furthered ID. His research on galactic hzabitable zones - an area in which he is considered expert - was turning up inconvenient facts about the favourable position of Earth and its moon for life and exploration.
LMAO!!! Galactic habitable zones, indeed!
We may reach the point in my own lifetime when one really must turn to religion ("religion?") in order to get a correct account of basic facts about our planet and to science ("science"?) for propaganda and witch hunts.
We may reach a point in my lifetime when even insipid fools know how to use reason. It won't be in your lifetime, however.
So an incorrect account of Earth's position is science and a correct account is religion?
Where TF do you get that idea? Do you even know what you are talking about, or do you just make whimsical interpretations and claims, and then use them as factual premises to base your even more absurd conclusions on?

For instance, what incorrect account of earth's position??? Your quote from sagan does not have anything to do with Earth's position, least of all in relation to our galaxy. Whether the earth is habitable or not has ZERO, get it ZERO to do with where we are in the galaxy. It has to do with our position in THE SOLAR SYSTEM!!!
- - -

Now you, Denyse. It is such a non-issue. There are multiple reasons he was denied tenure, and it certainly wasn't some kind of a conspiracy.
His grants were 1/10th of average, that including a majority from DI for $50,000!!
His published work was unscientific and not at all up to standard for a legitimate school.

Speaking of which, you must absolutely hate Steven Harper, and GWBush. I mean, they are dozens of times more evasive and dishonest than this University's admin you claim credibilitys is in shreds.
Your accounting of facts. That is credibility in shreds, as if it ever was established in the first place.

Another comment that won't show, I am sure.

Nov 28, 2007

From earlier

Now you are brining into the discussion our minds and perceptions. There are people that feel no pain. They get physically injured, but apparently do not notice it, unless they look, or etc. Is pain real? Yes, to those that feel it. No, to those that do not. Is it a physical phenomenom that is measurable?
I never said ctabuk saw something that was no there, experienced anything unreal. I said I was not there to experience what he did, so I do not know. I experienced a thing happen with a person that both of us felt. Our minds were on other things, and we both looked at each other after it happenned, it had nothing to do with what was going on at the moment. Okay, we were sitting together, I was running my hand up her bach, and this 'presence' or touch seemed to 'tumble' over her back, and my hand. It was eerie, because I wasn't sure, and we had looked at each other and tried to move on, but finally we clued in and said, "Did you feel that?"

I understand how real these things can seem. I also remember a deep ominous feeling enveloping me one time, that there was something bad happening, and I found a person ODed and nearly dead when I went to look. That was the most powerful feeling I remember. It was one of my parents when I was little.
I understand completely that my memory is all I have. I understand completely that there were already massive signs that something was wrong, and that that feeling was dread and fear upon looking.
I remember it as prescience, but now that I understand it, I know what really was going through my mind.
The air current with my wife, while we where in bed? Never felt anything like it, ever, it made us shiver, no reasonable explanation - THAT I CAN THINK OF - but that is where we get to my point, and understandings, and it is an old saying, to wit: Don't create miracles outy of mysteries.

If these 'paranormal' things happened, why is all evidence anecdotal? Any attempts to verify have always failed. We know and survive because of repeatedly verifyable physical laws and consequences, and they never change, and we could not exist unless they were this way and unchanging, and if they meant anything, we would have evolved to percieve them. If there is a 'hidden' dimension or unapparent part of reality, it would be detectable if it at all manifests, and there would be reliable uses and reflexes to these things. It does not make sense. There is no way I can see it.
There are particle interactions that are so unbelievabley subtle and almost infinetely tine, but our perceptions or beliefs bypass these and affect macroscopic reality only?

Responce to a proud American

Look at Ireland, and Spain, for example. I laugh when people on political blogs say they are so distraught, and knowledgable about terrorism, because they live in the US and they suffered the destruction of the twin towers.
Big F***ing deal. You punks do not know what being terrorized is. Go live in Polynesia. Go live in Darfur. Go watch your children die in front of your eyes, in spite of your desperate efforts to find them food and water

The IRA has been bombing for fourty years.

But suddenly, when US people get killed, it is an abasement. Things is, fuck all american people get killed, like my link above explains.

Oh, wait, it is not an abasement when Fundamentalist Christians blow up buildings, but it is when a Korean kid goes haywire at Virginia Tech.

I could not believe the the incessant attention to that. It was dominant on CNN for at least two weeks. How about six people getting killed in a mine? That is worth a week of coverage and exploitation. Every possible human interest anguish is exploited, the anguish, the heartbreak and outrage! Yuckky! One child dies every 15 seconds or so, but six minors!!!!

Paris is broken up about about doing 45 days in remand!! Oh, the humanity!!

Just watch CNN. Watch Glenn Beck. Nancy Green. That is not the slightest resemblance to news.

Ten kids died while I wrote this, died with terrifying anguish. A few people die in the US every minute. One out of six due to poverty. Lack of health care, and nutrition.

Yeah, purple fingers in Iraq. Mission Accomplished. I can't see it lasting five days, five weeks, five months, no more than that. They will great us as liberators (throwing roses at our feet)

How many land mines are spread around Pakistan. Take a guess, they are US made, I dare you. 20,000 kids a year.

Fuck 3000 'of my friends and countrymen'. You live in fear, constant and irrational. You lost the war on terror, it is well past the point that you act irrationally out of fear. Osama Bin Laden has kicked youyr ass, you are so tough.
We have the security forces neccessary to deal with the situation, bring them on.

You have fuck all. You are scared, can't wear your shoes in airports, go through incessant security checks and beuracrosy, your whole life has been tainted, it has been alterd how you do what used to be simple things.

Yeah, tell me how proud you are again, okay?

Nov 25, 2007

What I am

Now you are brining into the discussion our minds and perceptions. There are people that feel no pain. They get physically injured, but apparently do not notice it, unless they look, or etc. Is pain real? Yes, to those that feel it. No, to those that do not. Is it a physical phenomenom that is measurable?
I never said [blanked] saw something that was not there, experienced anything unreal. I said I was not there to experience what he did, so I do not know. I experienced a thing happen with a person that both of us felt. Our minds were on other things, and we both looked at each other after it happenned, it had nothing to do with what was going on at the moment. Okay, we were sitting together, I was running my hand up her bach, and this 'presence' or touch seemed to 'tumble' over her back, and my hand. It was eerie, because I wasn't sure, and we had looked at each other and tried to move on, but finally we clued in and said, "Did you feel that?"

I understand how real these things can seem. I also remember a deep ominous feeling enveloping me one time, that there was something bad happening, and I found a person ODed and nearly dead when I went to look. That was the most powerful feeling I remember. It was one of my parents when I was little.
I understand completely that my memory is all I have. I understand completely that there were already massive signs that something was wrong, and that that feeling was dread and fear upon looking.
I remember it as prescience, but now that I understand it, I know what really was going through my mind.
The air current with my wife, while we where in bed? Never felt anything like it, ever, it made us shiver, no reasonable explanation - THAT I CAN THINK OF - but that is where we get to my point, and understandings, and it is an old saying, to wit: Don't create miracles outy of mysteries.

If these 'paranormal' things happened, why is all evidence anecdotal? Any attempts to verify have always failed. We know and survive because of repeatedly verifyable physical laws and consequences, and they never change, and we could not exist unless they were this way and unchanging, and if they meant anything, we would have evolved to percieve them. If there is a 'hidden' dimension or unapparent part of reality, it would be detectable if it at all manifests, and there would be reliable uses and reflexes to these things. It does not make sense. There is no way I can see it.
There are particle interactions that are so unbelievabley subtle and almost infinetely tine, but our perceptions or beliefs bypass these and affect macroscopic reality only?

Nov 10, 2007

Someone asked how Osama and his followers..

could kill innocent people and expect to get rewarded with 72 virgins.

This, I replied:

Still here. I was walking this afternoon and thinking about these things.

First I tell you. I am progressive, liberal, socialist, and libertarian.

It is a terrible evil what these ones do.

It could have been prevented. That is more evil.

It could have been prevented at least three time. 1)Bora Tora, 2)Warnings from Clinton's admin. that Rice brushed off. 3)Not invading Iraq.

You have no idea how much I hate killing. Anything. Anyone, any animal, anything precious, like art.

Go read Victor Fankl, Mans search for meaning. Then you will evil far, far worse than Atzimma been genetically miscreanted. There is no fucking reason for to kill innocents.

I wonder who has killed most? I hope aren't blair, because Kelly paid price for his conscience, and you know downing street memos.

How many innocents are killed by any war? Aks me about Dresden. Read 'Slaughterhouse Five'

aks me about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Ozama is a weak freak compared to conservative views of what is right. I live in canada. My grandfather left Germany in 1927 to come here and be part of the socreds.

One person dies every fifteen seconds from lack of clean or just plain water or starvation. 1/6 of deaths in the US are due to poverty, I have Universal health care in my country, because if you live here, you get it, no matter how poor you are.

So, which terrist organization is worst? Zamba, 3rd, Stalin, govt of Nigeria, or.....

all of us as humans that let death happen because of our greed and unwillingness to pay attention to the real important things.

How many people and cultures die because of missionaries, and gun barrel diplomacies, and trying to change people instead of understanding them, how many die because we do not share what we have to much of, we want more so we fabricate "crisis" and get self-righteously indignant about them so we don't have to pay attention to what is really important, or the consequences of our votes.

Every single evil person like Jahid kill for what they believe in, and they kill themselves and cause as much damage as they can, Like kamikaze's. They Believe the wrong things, in a humanitarians opinion, but they believe deeply, or are psychotic, probably both.

I will show you some very sick people that will kill because of their belief in 'life', who will kill innocent people that are only trying to do good, who have families and children and wives. Christians, atheist's, Sikh, Buddhist, , Hindi, every religion or 'cause' has it's freaks that kill. They are a very, very, very, small minority, because all the real believers and thinkers believe in peace.

Sarkozky elected in France? You have no idea how that I did not want.


You think Hiroshima was bad? Dresden? Wait. That many people die every day that can be prevented, and the people who do not do what they can to prevent it are terrorists. Of they most efficient kind, you better fucking belive it, because most of their victims are children.

Go to This is a very conservative site, in a way, it is civil libertarian.

Why did you move from Norway? It is the second richest place on earth, where I live is the first, Alberta, Canada, and don't worry, my peoples here elected a puppy in the bush for leader, and here politics is getting more about greed and appearance. We have the two most important things to sell, oil and water, and our leaders want to give the rights to them away.

My proudest day as a canadian was when Chretien said "No. we will not participate.

Canadians are dying in Afghanistan. Canadians died in '39 and '40 before the idiots in congress in a country would send things Churchill was begging for.

What if they were stopped before they got into france, or to the channel? What if they were stopped by their congress which voted the 3rd into inalienable power, legally? Where else has this happened? No matter, let's go watch Oprah and see if we suffer from headaches and fatigue. Oh no! We have almost every disease she brings up, and we are worried! We don't die of hunger, although our fucking countrymen and neighbors do.

What is it like to die of malnourishment, malaria, and dehydration at the same time? When you are two, and your mom has walked 20 mile in 40 degree C to carry a 22.4 kg bag of rice, and jinjaweed gets at her village and kills here childs in front of her face, and thaen rapes her daughters in front of her, and then her, multiple, multiple times?

Terror? Do not tel;l me about ZimZam, I was fukking crying my eyes out almost uncontrollably this afternoon after I read your topic and went home. I do not like scapegoating.

What day is tommorrow. Yeah, there are sick people, but there are greater people than terrorists, or even powerful leaders that engage in ideological based killing and war.

Mahatma and even you and me can save more lives that any group of sickos has killed. We can all be the most profoundly proud humans if we do anything to save live, I will give you site that you can just click links to donate to food banks in Massachusetts, or Africa, ...

Oh yes, as many of my countrymen and family died on 9/11 as a percent of pop of US. Ny friend at Gold's in Kelowna, his daughter got out, but no one, no one, has a right to kill anyone, ever. It may be necessary to stop someone from killing more, to kill them, if neccesary, but that is rarely done properly and is used as a pathetic excuse to show off your hardware so you can sell it as 'combat tested' or just to secure oil. How much of zimma's followers use weapons sold by the US? Russia? Now we got a freak in Pakistan, and he has fissionables. Now we have a freak elsdwhere, and they have fusionables, and you go read PNAC.

So what is happenning in the fake excuse getting Saddam is, so very fake, so very THE philosophy of WHIG is playing out.
First, create a series of regional wars, then use bunker busters (tacticals, haha) against Iran.

We who could prevent deaths from health issues but would rather watch two weeks straight about Virginia Tech on CNN, and every analysis of why what pimple cream may have caused a psychotic to blame innocents, then go kill them.

Spectacular? Yes.
More people have died because of health in the time it took you to read this than at any school.

Any violence is gravely evil, but any violence or death you yourself help stop, or prevent, yourself, because you look the other way, or believe the lies to justify it with, what does that make you?

Suicide bombers believe in having their way of life respected, they hate the ones that try to corrupt it. They belive strongly enough to kill themselves to get that respect. Democracies, human rightists, individual rightists, may have to kill to stop more killing because we want all humans respected and allowed to have life as they choose to.

Hmmmm. Zamma is a tiny blot that was allowed to be. WWII was stoppable before '43. How many of Georges subjects did, as a percent of our populations?

Tomorrow is Remembrance day here.

Read A day in the life. Of Ivan. Read about torture chambers that people turn a blind eye towards.

Yeah, people who make innocents die, or allow them to, they are pathetic.

Oct 18, 2007

Met someone on lavalife, huh?

You like my words? I meet you in Portugal, i always wish this place to me, I will go Lisbon if you want.

I have not many money, But I am in purpose any time to see my future love, and also I like sailing! I have done this easy thing in Kelowna, on the many lakes, Lake Okanagon is the big one, you can see pictures from my earlier letters.

Sparta, and Dynamo Kiev are my favourite footballs, and Petr plays with the tam , the ones champion at ukraine, and in league for rtophy, Svovbada ge is. he is brothet here in Hockey, but long ado retired. I have only been with dad into reports of press club, internationall, but I meet many people that i wish into my desires, the mans that play football. he is the one at Brazil I get signature from my dads, he is always the best ever man in the world.
You come visit? i will be fun man, I am not afraid to anything. I talk funny english, because nyou wonder whu i will do this. It make games to you. You are welcome to canada, and i wish you, but I protect my people and never to let them fooled now. Never, ever, is my country having insults. It is the one where we always have protect to everyone that has no cost, and it is the one that is rich with oils, and it is the one that all countries look to with respect, as peacemakers. It is the best fucking country to ever in history be, it is a paradise of caring for each others, and humanity, and I love it most of all with any piece of me.

Even the stupid leader is man from my country, and He is with understanding about others as a result. Any persons from Canada that I suspect get fooled by another or tricked, I will defend them. It is my peoples. I love them most. It is sure. if you arereal womans, you can be at my guest to best country, and I have your frucking health care payed for, bacause our people are this way to visitors. We ask only some repsects, but mANY AMERICANS COME FOR FREE SERVICES and we let them.

We are the lovers to other peoples. We know what is peace. We are ahead of everyone on this place with our desires for equalities and respects.

You are fucking lucky man from Canada talks to you and invites you to his heart. If you are real, and I very doubt it, you will be extremely special woman to still ask for my company, the one of brilliance I want, and the brat to spank me if I am petulant and out of order..

I knpw also the woman with great looks that own places where I practice my physical excercises, bery beautiful and in the magazines, both Body Maz, and the other woman, sandy, with special boy.

Send to me your plans. i will accomdate.

Oct 17, 2007

Where's my banana?

So, old proposition: an infinite number of monkeys and will eventualy produce works of William Shakespear, what ever the spalling.

Now, How long will this take?
Instantly, it will happen immediately.

How many times will it happens?
That is also easy. An infinite number of times.

This is more difficult now. Has it happenned? what about our existence now. What is this such remote possibility?
The universe had to expand in a very, very, very, very precise way, and with exact parameters, very, very, very precise. It is virtually 1 over infinity that this will happen.



Why? Not insipid response that "because we are here in this state and it has happen so the realization is established, and therefore 1."

Why did it?

Now, How many times has it?

Hah, this is trick. 1 times, not infinite.

Will it happen again?

No, it will not...

How do I know this, for a certain and established fact? In fact, how do I know that there are finite possibilities?

That one is easy. I know for a fact that there are no other ocurrances.

Why? How is our probabilty completely predictable at 1, and not because we are but because it is inevitable, yet we know it will never happen differently, never has, and never will.

Perhaps we misunderstand our limitations, but we do not, this is the thing. We know that there is only one occurance, that it had to happen, yet it is the only one to happen, and is the only one that ever will, or ever has.

How can I prove this? even though the existence of various universes with varying physical laws will, sooner or later, produce the one with a flat enough structure to enable the stability necessary for a continued event, it is proven that an infinite number of events has not occurred, and that we are not an eventuality.

Where is the breakdown in our reasoning? The incogruity? We cannot happen, yet we are inevitable, with or without infinity.

Now we are talking. We know enough to know, we just connect the dots, and we will know. It is our essence, the answer is there, we just don't understand what we mean, and it is not profound or mystical, but it just is a certain way, and it is displayed why through us.

I know this.

Oct 14, 2007

What irrelevant shite

Huh? My friend won the prize in '85 as part of a group of physicians.
Gore won, along with an internationally respected inclusive group of the most highly respected researchers in the world.
You want to bicker about insignifigant tripe?
I remember being at this site when you whiners were scapegoating a supposed non credible placement of a temperature recording device that some fanatic obsessed over and you all bought into.

I mean it, get over your infantile pretentions of meaningful rhetort and criticism. I don't care if Gore was so stunningly insipid as to glorify the death of small animals, he has been awarded THE Nobel Prize for Peace, and it is said and done, and you can't do anything about it but eat crow over the fact that you are fricking stupid and wrong about climate change, and the rest of the world moves on without you.

Small dead Brain Cells, that would be a more witty name for this trash.

Oct 13, 2007

It is now old and redundant

It is so very discouraging now, to read these pages, for instance( Huffintonpost ), and see the same indignities and vastly repetitive expressions of outrages that are just only, proven by countless example, to be merely vehicles for self-righteous indignation, but having no real consequences.

I am tired of the examples of the sheer insulting contempt for morality and common purpose shown in the U.S., both by facile and childish attitdudes of what leadership is about, and the very, extremely frustratingly uselessness of pathetic pretentions of outrage by the Democrats, and the unbridled sycophantic behavior of the media.

When a person commits and eggregiously outrageous act of immorality, like Paris Hilton whining about her tortured treatment in remand, or the lives of a few minors trpped and the drama of the rescue attempts, these are not without interst, or human compassion.
But when every few seconds poverty stricken women, men, and mostly children die from lach
k of clean water and basic health care and mostly food, our western, trite and childish attentions are focused on insignifigant events of greatly exaggerated importance and blanket media coverage.

How very fucking sad and disgusting is our own government in its shining contempt for what 80% of people feel is the most important issue facing man today, the degradation of our enviornment, and thus the ability to support life, ultimately ours, is given petulant and grudging attention with a facesiously transparent effort to appear attentive. Then when the sheer insulting absurdity of a 'commitment' to perhaps regulate eviornmental guidelines by 2050 in his portfolio, Steven Fucking Neo-con Harper has the audacity to sanctimoniously preach to the Pacific economies about the need for change in industrial enviornmental accountabilities, it is beyond an insult to have anyone, let alone a leader, act with such blatant disrespect of honesty and integrity, right to our knowing faces.
He will use the most trite and hollow diversions like 'Jelly Bean' regulations instead of answering a direct question about Canada's commitment and policy regarding very important natural resources and potential whoring of our economy to the U.S.
He lies to our faces, and his party is insipidly regressed and immature for national, even local, platform and ideology.
The U.S. is beyond help, with a full time media blitz, By FOX and WAPO and others medias that fight for the right to fall over prostrate to the admin and ludicrous childish behaviors and opinions presented as important news.
CNN, with it's tawdry attention and blanket coverage of the prodigeously effusive meanderings of david beckham, and hiw wife, who is going to teach her daughter the important lessons in life like applying makeup and choosing the correctly fashionable clothing for every occasion, who has proudly proclaimed she hasn't ever read a book, and hasn't even considered reading anything to her daughter, this is national and exclusive news for days or weeks at a time.
Meanwhile, a slimey and corrupt VP, Cheney of course, up and declares he is not governed by any accountability such as executive duty to provide documents and/or reasons for any bullshit he wants to perpetrate, even goes on the US gov't website and posts this infantile excuse, having already used executive responsibilties and rights to not reveal his energy policy arrangement with heavy industry - specifically Exxon and Shell, and other US heavy oil producers that feel zero responsibility except for their god given right to destroy the enviornment without consequence in their god given right to exploit resouces and people in the glorified name of appropriating money into executive hands, and caring little, if at all, for their poverty stricken employees and their children without basic health care.

The North American society in general is a willing, no exuberant, herd of stunned ruminaries that chew and regurgitate and rechew yet again, the nutritionally empty diet of empty 'entertainment' insted of demanding a balanced diet of knowledge that is important to life.

What a wonderful expression our society is of brain dead fucks that march along and chew on fat laden fast food burgers, even thought we know it is destroying our heart.
And by heart, I mean our minds and our humanity, of course.

Oct 11, 2007

now if we could just get rid of billions of neutrinos hassling us

Origin Of Cosmic Rays Illuminated


According to theory, charged subatomic particles bounce like pinballs around the shock front. They pick up speed until they move nearly the speed of light. Last year, observations from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory suggested that electrons are being accelerated rapidly (as fast as theory allows) to high energies in the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A.

But alpha particles, they are the heavy artillary - see 'protons'
Because of their charges, these protons can be accelerated by electrical or magnetic fields to high energies, and can thus become a dangerous form of particle radiation.
a simple explanation

Aug 28, 2007

Oh, you brute!

Ye-uppp! More firepower than brain power: Firearm Refresher Course

Got this in the mailbag, just had to share. Obviously by an American writer, so Liberals you may avert your eyes lest your brain implodes, and you CBC hacks may go sniffle in the corner now…

From CC: Awwwwwww ... that's so cute. Mind you, it would be cuter if it weren't delusional bullshit: ...

my reply -
That, the deployment of my guns for sport, food or protection is NOT up for debate or uninformed comment.
Yeah, and I suppose you decide who is informed... in other words, anyone that doesn't disagrees with you.
Anyone with such a dearth of reasoning skills as I see here can be trusted to not only not understand properly formed and illustrated logic, you can be sure they are the least able to safely exercise judgment when it is needed most.
Time to grow up. I not only don't want any of you pussies around me at the best of times, you would be the last imbeciles I would ask for protection. You are not protecting anyone, but you live in a fantasy of delusional grandeur that would make any self respecting 12 year old blush at your transparent ego bolstering.
I never seen a gun load itself and fire the bullet all by itself, and I never seen a hysterical drunkard have his idiotic rampage overridden by a gun's common sense. Give me a break. The more drooling, paranoid 'ramboes' runnin' around protectin' folk, the more reason for idiots to start shooting each other and anyone else they think is up to no good - key words "paranoid" and "think".
First, get the f*** over you insipid assumption and even more insipid assertions that our government is just itching to become a fascist regime the second we innocent wimps turn our backs and the only thing stopping them is your audacious brawn and massive firepower.
I spit on you, and you ain't doing nuthin about it. If you are packin', you would kill me, but maybe I should take a page from Cheney, and if there is even a one percent chance you are going to exercise bad judgment and fire at me, then it is my duty to launch a pre-emptive assault.
Why do you types always want to sink to the lowest common denominator? Don't you get the very obvious point that if someone wants to take you out, they are going to f*** you up from behind first before you can shoot anything?
1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a potential victim.
2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.
3. Colt: The original point and click interface.

An unarmed man is smarter than you, and an armed man is a target.
How trite.

Jul 17, 2007

All the Propaganda That's Fit to Print

The Iran warmongering that gets reported uncritically in the MSM just boggles my mind. This bit on the BBC site makes me want to tear my hair(what's left of it) out, see here;
US wants fresh Iran talks on Iraq

It is painfully obvious to me, and I imagine everyone else that has been screaming about how the US lied and cajoled the US and Britain into invading Iraq, that the same BS tactics are being used again to insinuate that a country is 'cruisin for a bruisin' because of their evil threat to the US, (and of course, world freedom and democracy and Christianity). But the recent spate of 'intelligence reports', or just 'reports' of Iran backing, or promoting, or sheltering militants and sending them and weapons into Iraq for use against the good old boy freedom fighters from the U.S. of A. have been glaringly bereft of any sort of corroboration from sources outside of the U.S. military. Today, we get a supposedly tangible source of such intel. Well, what a surprise!:
Early in July, the US military in Iraq accused Iran of orchestrating an attack that killed five US soldiers and of using Lebanese militants to train insurgents.
The information came from a top Hezbollah fighter recently captured in southern Iraq, an army spokesman said.
Brig-Gen Kevin Bergner said the suspect admitted working with the Quds Force, linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Read between the lines. They tortured a confession out of someone! That they even have such a 'someone' in detention, let alone that he confessed - well you just have to take the military's word on that, but if they do, you can be sure he didn't spill his guts (figuratively) out of a sense of gratitude for 5 star treatment while being a guest at Abu Ghraib, or a sudden burst of a guilty conscious for that matter. More likely, he was threatened with having his guts spilled before, and if, he decided to sing, then I imagine he was just taking requests (saying whatever he thought the interrogators wanted to hear).

But the whole report just stinks of blatantly dishonest insinuations, for instance(emphasis mine):
Iran's foreign minister said his country would respond positively to talks if requested by the US.
The two sides held a ground-breaking meeting in Baghdad in May - the first since they severed ties in 1979.
But the violence in Iraq has continued unabated since then - despite the sending of nearly 30,000 extra US troops there.

SO FUCKING WHAT!?!! The fucking violence in Iraq has fuck-all to do with Iran, and the troop surge (and the original occupation) has nothing to do with Iran interference in the fucking first place! FFS!

But here you have the BBC blindly spouting spun propaganda in a yet further dishonest and leading manner.

Mascot for Hamas TV Show Is a Mouse No More

Hamas television, which was criticized for a Mickey Mouse-like character named Farfur who spouted anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish nostrums at children, has replaced the mouse with a bee named Nahoul, who says he is Farfur’s cousin.

Farfur was beaten to death by an Israeli who wanted his land on the previous episode of the children’s show “Tomorrow’s Pioneers.”

Nahoul, the bee, says: “I want to continue on the path of Farfur, the path of ‘Islam is the solution.’ The path of heroism, the path of martyrdom, the path of jihad warriors.”

Shee-it! Why are these Old Testament based religions so selfish and ruthless in their indoctrination of little children? They see kids as just more tools to use in their holy task of doing god's/allah's/yahweh's work.

"The Old Testament is the history of the Hebrew People, and it is the point of commonality where Christianity, Judaism, and Islam intersect. The Koran, and the Hebrew scriptures also use the Old-Testament of the Christian bible.
The commonality is the Yahweh/Allah monotheistic God and the historical link with the ancient Hebrew nation."
Interpreting The Old Testament

It's the same god!!! For all of them!!! What The mother of Mary Fuck??? - "Allah, of course, is the same God Jews and Christians worship. Islam is not only a Western, monotheistic religion rather than an Oriental, pantheistic religion, but explicitly bases itself on the historical revelation of the God of the Jews, tracing itself to Ishmael, Isaac's brother, to whom God also promised special blessings according to Genesis. Isaac and Ishmael, Jews and Muslims, have been engaged in sibling rivalry ever since."
Comparing Christianity & Islam

And there is 'Jesus Camp'

The children are all so eager to please, and this element of the film is the most difficult for me. If the adults decided to hand out the special Kool-Aid at this camp, the children would all unquestionably partake. With arms in the air, they are 'instructed' on how to let the spirit take over their bodies and speak in tongues. The children imitate. Many of them cry. Some fall to the ground and shake on the floor in what looks like an epileptic seizure. More cry. I wanted to cry with them, or more accurately for them. This all looked very unhealthy, I could only imagine what it was doing to them psychologically. I had the striking thought that this was all completely unforgivable. These adults, no matter their intentions, were performing horrific acts of mental child abuse.
Then comes the guilt, and mountains of it. "A lot of you say you're Christians, but how many of you are leading two separate lives?" Pastor Becky lays it on thick over the PA. She leads the children on through ideas of what they might be sinfully doing at school with their friends, and how they should be ashamed of themselves for it. I considered vomiting into my drink cup. She asks the children to gather around her and reach out their hands if they wish to be cleansed of these newly uncovered sins. Their cleansing source: A 20 oz. bottle of Nestlé-brand water poured over their grouped hands. Talk about product placement! There is of course more crying. There is more of me yelling at the screen, and more of my friend elbowing me in embarrassment.

Jesus Camp Bush Insanity

Jul 16, 2007

Christian Missionaries

There is much discussion on the blogs and other sites I frequent, as well as Main Stream media, that focuses on the effects of religion on society. The usual discourse centers on morality with the more vocal proponents of Christianity (read fundies, neo-con wingnuts, and the like!) asserting that without religion dogma to teach right from wrong, society would be basically amoral.
On the other hand, some of us atheists point out the cruelties and wars perpetrated in the name of God, and sometimes we note a correlation between faith and lack of critical reasoning skills.
Something very important I think we often overlook is the damage to and eradication of cultures caused by missionary work. I remember reading, in the '70s, that anthropologists hate Christian missionaries because they wipe out cultures before they have a chance to observe them, and more importantly, often leave 'primitive' peoples unable to integrate into western society and therefore spiritually and financially destitute.
So I Googled:

In the past, the damage done by missionaries were shared equally between the Protestant and Catholic churches. Today, most of the damage is done by fundamentalist, pentacostal and evangelical protestant sects, mostly from the US, Canada and Europe. Numbering about 80,000 strong [1] these fundamentalist missionaries spread like locusts throughout the world. Their destruction of native cultures, and in some cases actually causing the deaths of these natives, can only be described as a modern cultural and genocidal holocaust. more

Kona Kava Blog:

Even though the Christian Missionaries tried to eradicate the use of this ancient and sacred plant,...

The horses mouth:

For the Church of this period the purpose of evangelisation was clear. The purpose was to bring people into the Church, to get conversions to the faith. Outside the Church, it was seen that there was no, or at least little chance of salvation. The alternative was to leave people in their sins, and eventually, to torment in hell. Given this situation, evangelisation was not merely a nice thing to do, it was an overwhelming moral imperative. (Hill, 1992) Perhaps this helps one understand the zeal of the early missionaries and their “convert at all costs” attitude. It might also resonate with some when reflecting on dominant themes and motives in their own experience of school religious education or parish missions.

Shorter fundamentalists: "I don't care that you have existed for hundreds of perhaps thousands or tens of thousands of years in harmony and contentment, that your way of life gives you meaning, you are a sinner and I will save you, no matter how devastating it is to your way of life."

Jul 12, 2007

Keeping tabs

I am just basically keeping tabs on comments I make to hysterically wingnutted blogs to see if they publish my comments. This may evolve into sort of an experiment, or research, into just how biased, or unbiased, these blogs are esp. when contrasted to some of their claims: 1 - about their own fairness, or 2 - about their claims of unfairness against others (ie, being censored). It would be nice to have some sort of a track record to fall back on.
I already had one 'no show' in the comments two days ago at the site I posted about previously( Post-Darwinist), and today I just made this comment after reading about a post at SDA here at Canadian
I gotta wonder what this picture has to do with the data collected and used for climate research. I also wonder wether Norcalblogs knows for sure those are the sensors, what data they are collecting (presumably temp recordings), and how relevant those data sets are to the overall work at NOAA, and finally, just who uses that data? They are only a small part of this consensus , and while it is interesting if any of the data, or groups compiling it, is suspect, we really only have a couple of photographs, labelled with image editing software, from an unknown, possibly unbalanced, 'claimed' observer.

Lots of questions, of relevance, and credibility, but don't let that stop you all from sprinting to your preformed conclusions!


In any event, I am also taking screenshots of my replies, just for the hell of it and for corroberation, if I ever decide to question my integrity (I am assuming you are the only one to ever read this anyways, mikmik, and BTW, hows the typing practice coming along - did you find a good excuse to practice keyboarding yet?).

Ya never now, now I have a legacy, and perhaps the start of a Magnus Opus, or at least a ticket to some free psych medication. Ta-ta ha ha .. ha cough kAFF! .. choke gaaack... help.... gasp, someone get me some water... barf...ack...

Jul 9, 2007

Hey, you got earn those stripes first, sparky!

Post-Darwinist : This blog provides stories that Denyse O'Leary, a Toronto-based journalist, has found to be of interest, as she covers the growing "intelligent design" controversy. Does the universe - and do life forms - show evidence of intelligent design? If so, Carl Sagan was wrong and so is Richard Dawkins. Now what?

I suppose being obsolete before you start wouldn't get you to reconsider, would it?

Anyways, not having a clue as to relevance but acting like you know what you are talking about does not make a valid viewpoint, and Michael Behe never in his wildest dreams does this pertain:
Asking the mainstream science community to declare that new discoveries in molecular biology and DNA render materialism inadequate
He wants to talk about supposed incongrueties (that he can't support), yet show him that large, staggering incongruencies in Creationism/ID, and that doesn't mean anything, no retractions, no silently admitting he (you all) doesn't have a point. Yeah, 'scientists' are supposed to cave and fold if presented with (faulty) contrary evidence, but IDers have massive logical inconsistencies and don't 'resign'. Why not? You try to hold scientists to some standard you yourself won't adhere to?

“The church says the earth is flat; but I have seen its shadow on the moon, and I have more confidence even in a shadow than in the church.”
~ Ferdinand Magellan

Let's start where you are supposed to. Prove your point, then use it as an alternative. That is how rational thought works. You have to prove there is a designer, and it had better be a proper theory, then you have some weight behind your claims. Otherwise, quit already, like, the people Behe admoshises about.
Understand this first.
In scientific usage, a theory does not mean an unsubstantiated guess or hunch, as it can in everyday speech. A theory is a logically self-consistent model or framework for describing the behavior of a related set of natural or social phenomena. It originates from or is supported by experimental evidence (see scientific method). In this sense, a theory is a systematic and formalized expression of all previous observations that is predictive, logical and testable. In principle, scientific theories are always tentative, and subject to corrections or inclusion in a yet wider theory. Commonly, a large number of more specific hypotheses may be logically bound together by just one or two theories. As a general rule for use of the term, theories tend to deal with much broader sets of universals than do hypotheses, which ordinarily deal with much more specific sets of phenomena or specific applications of a theory.
That there is a designer doesn't even pass the laugh test, let alone have any way of being scientifically' tested.

Here: The creation account in the Bible is clearly not literally true. All physical evidence points against it. For example, it has light being created after the earth and after water. It has creation happening only about 4000 years ago where the geological record shows it has to be much much older. Since God presumably created all the misleading physical evidence, it would seem He does not want us to believe the Genesis account either. Which evidence is more trustworthy, that penned by man or created directly by God? Surely God did not forget how He actually created the universe, and how celestial dynamics work. Why is it then the Old Testament is so full of error on such matters. If you will recall, it claims the earth is square and flat and that the sun revolves around the earth. Did God have a temporary lapse of memory while composing the Old Testament? Or did human Biblical authors, in their hubris, imagine their works were of divine origin.

Monday, July 09, 2007 12:32:02 PM

Jun 20, 2007

And I thought brats running wild in restaurants were annoying...

Read about this at Pharyngula

and made the mistake of watching the video (slideshow with audio, really). Anyways, I was so proud of my comment that I thought I should put it here where I can always find it, yet safe from being seen by others:

I think our time can be better spent doing something about, oh, this for instance: The Child Health Site
With a simple, daily click of the blue "Fund Healthcare for Children" button at The Child Health Site, visitors help children. Visitors pay nothing. The treatments and preventative services described above are paid for by our site sponsors and accomplished through our charitable partners, who currently include Mercy Corps, the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Helen Keller International.

Self righteous indignation is all well and good, but this little frick doesn't seem to be complaining, he looks healthy, and he may grow up to be a country and western star. He may grow up to be an abortion clinic bomber, but he may decide that his parents are slave driving control freaks and rebel, turning to life of drug induced debauchery just to spite his mama.

Or maybe we can get him to recite some bible passages from Ezekiel 23:20, to wit: "There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses."

LMAO! Or maybe he will get some good material for stand up comedy: (more Zeke)
21 So you longed for the lewdness of your youth, when in Egypt your bosom was caressed and your young breasts fondled. [c]
22 "Therefore, Oholibah, this is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will stir up your lovers against you, those you turned away from in disgust, and I will bring them against you from every side- 23 the Babylonians and all the Chaldeans, the men of Pekod and Shoa and Koa, and all the Assyrians with them, handsome young men, all of them governors and commanders, chariot officers and men of high rank, all mounted on horses.
Hey, those were her lovers? I'm sorry, I have a hard (pun) time imagining she turned from handsome men on horses, horses!, wouldn't they remind her of donkies?
24 They will come against you with weapons, [d] chariots and wagons and with a throng of people; they will take up positions against you on every side with large and small shields and with helmets. I will turn you over to them for punishment, and they will punish you according to their standards. 25 I will direct my jealous anger against you, and they will deal with you in fury. They will cut off your noses and your ears, and those of you who are left will fall by the sword. They will take away your sons and daughters, and those of you who are left will be consumed by fire.
And if that isn't enough to strike the fear of god into you, Oholibah you incredible slut...
26 They will also strip you of your clothes and take your fine jewelry.

So that's what inspired the phrase 'adding insult to injury'

Jun 18, 2007

This sure ain't the good old U.S of A.!

1. The Assembly asserts the standard setting role of the Council of Europe and is aware of its own responsibility in re-assessing the basis on which our societies are to be built. It recognises science as part of this basis.

2. The advance of scientific knowledge through the process of rational enquiry is thousands of years old. Ancient civilisations around the World made valuable contributions. Modern science started in Europe with the scientific revolution of the 15th and 16th centuries. This was followed by the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th and has continued to the present. New theories were seldom easily accepted by the establishment, as was the case for instance with Lamarck and Darwin’s work on evolution in the 19th century.

3. However, in recent years we have witnessed attempts to reconcile the biblical account of creation with modern science and outlaw the theory of evolution. “Creationists” pretend that “intelligent design” by a supreme entity is the scientific explanation for the universe.

4. Such an approach has no credibility among the scientific community but has succeeded in raising doubts in less informed minds, including persons with high political responsibilities, mainly in the USA but also in Europe. Some schools are now forced to teach creationism. The middle path of providing equal time for both merely offers a middle way between truth and falsehood.

5. Support for the scientific theory of evolution is almost universal among those with religious beliefs in Europe and nothing in this motion is intended as disrespect for any religion.

6. However, the Assembly is concerned at the possible negative consequences of the promotion of creationism through education and recommends that the Committee of Ministers assess the situation in the Council of Europe member countries and propose adequate counter-measures.

Jun 17, 2007

My, what tangled web etc

At Canadian Cynic: "About that "credibility" thing ...", more fun at FC's (no, not Fucking Christian, not FeCes, but Fundamentalist Cuckoo ) expense:

The loudest criticism came from those who complained that the (cool animatronic) dinosaurs are displayed as coexisting with humans. They were supposed to be dead for millions of years before humans existed. If that's true, then who drew all those cave drawings that look like dinosaurs? And why does nearly every culture on earth have artifacts and stories about them? They're even described in the Bible (Job 40:15-23) – beings with "ribs like bars of iron" and a "tail like a cedar" – coexisting with humans. But, of course, we can't believe that book. We'd rather get our "facts" from a racist guy named Darwin who wrote "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection; Or, the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life" – the real title of his famous book.
Behemoth, singular behemah (Hebrew) [from baham to be dumb, mute] A beast, a nonspeaking living being; used in Job 40:15-23. Scholars are of the opinion that the reference here is to the hippopotamus or the Leviathan. "Behemoth is the principle of Darkness, or Satan, in Roman Catholic Theology, and yet Job says of him that 'Behemoth is the chief (principle) of the ways of God' " (SD 2:486), and an entity spoken of, however poetically, as the chief of the ways of the divine, can hardly be a physical quadruped of earth.

LMFAO x 2! "racist guy named Darwin"

Hey, did you see the NASCAR race? I told you those southerners are racists!

Jun 15, 2007

Credible sources and bullshit.

What Harper Gov’t Accomplished in 16 Months!
FYI: "You've got to be kidding. You link to the Conservative's web site to 'validate' these accomplishments?
I suppose one could link to the Liberal's website and come up with the same amount of stellar accomplishments.
(Joanne (TB) Says:

Good job, Sandy! And what did the Paul Martin Liberals accomplish? Mmmm… -
LMAO! mikmik)

Give your a head a shake, please. I assure you, the list of promises broken is long in itself. Like I like to say, even Ted Bundy did a lot of nice things in his life.
For sure, at the rate provincial PC parties are falling, as well as Harpers approval rating, you better get another source for this 'good news' because it is painfully apparent know one trust these clowns anymore. Okay, not no one, only a shrinking minority."

Jun 11, 2007

Portable Apps!

What can I say?

I am writing this from my mp3 player with FireFox portable installed (same function as a mem stick), just plugged into a box at the library.

Looks like I can design and upload websites, or do office work, or edit images - on my own programs - anywhere is a computer that's connected.