Dec 24, 2007

Oh yeah, love.

My baby.

Lets roast it. Say hello to my mom in Iraq.

She had a child, first it got fried, then she went to get it.

I fucking love war.

Lets drop a real frying pan.

You want to hear a description?

First, turn your oven to 450.

Then I will tell you that is like a freezer.

You want scary?

No, you do not. I will show you ugly. I am a physicist. I will hurt you.

We don't know know anything like nakashima, or dreseden. You do not know what our planet will be like, If You Are Unfortunate Enough Not To Get Instantly Burned To an Instant Crisp Without Hearing Your Child Crackle First.

Fuck Off. If You Are LUCKY. LETS TAKE A LOOK....


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