Sep 30, 2006

Make a recovery Partition

From the annals of "why didn't I think of that?" is this great idea of backing up an image of your operation system to another partition. It is how OEMes like eMachines and Dell package Windows. You know, the pricks that don't provide the original installation CD that you rightfully purchased and instead make you resort to a 'hidden' partition that contains nothing more than a pristine copy of a clean windows installation - with your product key ready to be validated.

In any event, with super huge hard drives these days, it is easy to just do this yourself as a backup. It is all here:
Make a Recovery Partition

By Rick Broida
If you've ever reformatted your hard drive, reinstalled Microsoft Windows, reloaded all your applications, and reset all your settings, you know what a time-consuming and generally heinous process it can be. I've had root canals that were more pleasant—and way less of a hassle. But sometimes, such as after a nasty spyware attack or when Windows has accumulated too much sludge, that kind of radical reconstruction is absolutely necessary. And Vista will only amplify the problem. Before you move to Vista, make sure you back up!

Many PCs come with recovery CDs that will restore your system to factory-new condition, but you can get the job done faster—and add all your favorite programs and system settings to the restoration—by creating a recovery partition. A partition, of course, is a cordoned-off section of your hard drive that gets its own drive letter. All you need is the right software and enough available space to hold your stuff.

The "right software," in this case, is a partition utility and a backup program that can create a compressed "image" of your newly reformatted and reloaded hard drive. We're partial to Symantec's Norton PartitionMagic 8.0 and Norton Ghost 10.0, respectively—they're both PC Magazine Editors' Choices—but you can use any nondestructive partitioning utility and the backup app of your choice, of course. And all you need to do is create a partition that's large enough to hold your stuff; then back up your primary drive to the partition. If and when the time comes to restore, run Ghost and expand the backup image to your primary drive. Presto: You're back in business

You can use Nero to make an image of your OS parition and save it.

Sep 25, 2006

Developmentally stunted

Something just came to when I read about the rumor the US admin was going to finally institued carbon emission restrictions, but they would wait until after Nov 2006 elections so as not to embarass GOP incumbents.
The trolls and wingnuts that neverendingly make excuses for failed policies, lies, and hypocrit freeper and fundie ideaology never change their attitudes, or reasoning, not metter how obvious reality contradicts them. They are like infants laying in dirty diapers, whining and howling, but so underdeveloped as to not be able to change.

LMAO! Developmental retarded, unable to do anything besides 'lieing' in their own shit!

No matter how much damning evidence comes out proving them wrong, they can't grow up to save their asses

Sep 18, 2006

A quick look at the GParted live CD

I am getting reado to burn my Windows Vista download to DVD (3.59 GIGAbytes!) and install it. Naturally I want to dool boot with WinXP Pro, and perhaps any Linux distros I am running at the moment. So I research.
I see on LifeHacker
Next I started up the install and found that Vista will only install itself on a primary partition. If you choose the C: drive where XP is already installed? Vista asks if it can rename your Windows folder "Windows.old." Uh, no thank you Vista. To get dual-booting to work, you have to create another primary partition where Vista can live alongside XP in peace and happiness.

Free partitioning utilities (like the one on the XP setup disk) delete all the data on the disk when they create new partitions. That's not very convenient. Norton's commercial product called PartitionMagic, which you can purchase at Amazon for $43 (after rebate), however, can create a new partition out of free space on your C: drive without killing the rest of the files. That's what you want. UPDATE: Astute reader Barron says that the GParted Live CD also works and it's free. Thanks Barron!

Download of the Day: GParted live CD
In the past we recommended repartitioning your hard drive with a Linux live CD, but if all you want is partitioning, the GParted live CD is the way to go. If you've never burned an ISO before, check out the free ISO Recorder tool mentioned earlier today.

Looks good: A quick look at the GParted live CD

Sep 11, 2006

Continuing saga of sick fuck propaganda

At Huffington Post:
Al Qaeda Releases 9/11 Anniversary Video: "You Gave Us Every Legitimacy And Every Opportunity To Continue Fighting You"...

Osama bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, urged Muslims to intensify their resistance against the U.S. and warned of new terror strikes in a video aired by CNN early Monday on the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Al-Zawahri said the Persian Gulf and Israel would be al-Qaida's next targets.

The film was the latest in a flurry of al-Qaida videos released ahead of the anniversary. But unlike the others, it appeared to be new with references to Israel's bombardment of Lebanon this summer and the capture of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah and Palestinian militants in Gaza.

You are only as good as your last performance.
Perhaps the point was made, successful beyond all wildest fantasy, and further acts inside the U.S. would just be trivial and redundant?

People can only be held hostage by fear so much. Maybe an adequate level has been reached?

I mean, can the reaction by the US: violating constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of its citizens,
violating internationally guaranteed rights of others,
and more importantly, abject humiliation in most of the rest of the worlds eyes at BushCo's pathetic behaviors and transparent lying.

US neo-con, WHIG, GOP, christian fundamentalists, etc., have been exposed as impotent and laughable.

Once you've said "Gotcha, motherfuckers" to some motherfucker you've humiliated, well, now what?

Bankrupt your ass by getting you to waste your bank account tossing multi-million dollar buckshot around like confetti?

No, a significantly bigger payoff could not be had, the humiliation and fear more complete, by random attacks.

You trolls so sure that the 'terrists' can't perform when the time comes? (LOL, impotence, perform, comes)

I mean, I'm not in the least convinced this is what's going on, but there is no reliable way to tell otherwise, is there?

Just an experiment with Blogger

An attempt to access a remote javascript for a colapsable link list:

Sep 9, 2006

Download: IESpell

This is a most handy browser add-on, but it only works with Internet Explorer based browsers. It's called "IESpell", and yes, it is a spell checker.

Very easy to use, just highlight a section of text, right click on it, and select "Check spelling."

It is necessary for people that post to political blogs to spell everything correctly or else trolls will get badly injured and start crying.

Here is the link:

Sep 7, 2006

Take that, WHIG!

I suppose there are reactions to hypocrits that claim to be a "uniter, not a divider" and then call everyone that doesn't agree with you a traitor or a fscist.
story at yahoonews

It's that time of year again soon


The time of year that I can look myself, in public, without someone trying to run me over.

Sep 5, 2006

I am mikmik. No one cares, perhaps

Gonna try to find something original to post, or at the very least, useful