Mar 28, 2008

Fuck insipid morons

So, I will spek very slowly and I suggest you print this so you can show it to people that understand reason.
MSRA has big dollars spent to combat this infection and Canada is far ahead of the US in efficacy.

The war in Afghanistan is NOT measued by such an insipid marker as Canadian soldier deaths.

Is that how tiny your view is? It is a scorecard of dead Canadin soldiers - ONLY????

How about civilain casualties, how about the Taliban gaining strength and coming back to influence, the clusterfrick and chaos.

That is one thing. Your false comparison is illogical - red herring shaet and doesn't make sense. The money spent on MSRA is done and gets results, and it is being very properly addresed. It is a moot point.

The lives of Canadian patients and Afghanistan soldiers are not at all remotely comparable you insipid gentleman. It is comparing two unrelated issues and the same principle do not apply to each.

One is being addressed and dealt with better than the U.S., for an example, and is unavoidable. The other is uneccessary and creates death and chaos BY CHOICE.

Do you get it now? When the choice is available ( Afghanistan) vs. a stuation that presents regardless - and is dealt with by neccessity and competently, the princilpe is completely unrelated.

I would like to see your humanity adressed to 35,000 preventable deaths each day, you sanctimonious, bombastic(fool) fuck.

Where are your priorities, where is you reasoning skill.

Neo-conservative, lets get down to basics and talk about humanity and choices.