Nov 28, 2007

Responce to a proud American

Look at Ireland, and Spain, for example. I laugh when people on political blogs say they are so distraught, and knowledgable about terrorism, because they live in the US and they suffered the destruction of the twin towers.
Big F***ing deal. You punks do not know what being terrorized is. Go live in Polynesia. Go live in Darfur. Go watch your children die in front of your eyes, in spite of your desperate efforts to find them food and water

The IRA has been bombing for fourty years.

But suddenly, when US people get killed, it is an abasement. Things is, fuck all american people get killed, like my link above explains.

Oh, wait, it is not an abasement when Fundamentalist Christians blow up buildings, but it is when a Korean kid goes haywire at Virginia Tech.

I could not believe the the incessant attention to that. It was dominant on CNN for at least two weeks. How about six people getting killed in a mine? That is worth a week of coverage and exploitation. Every possible human interest anguish is exploited, the anguish, the heartbreak and outrage! Yuckky! One child dies every 15 seconds or so, but six minors!!!!

Paris is broken up about about doing 45 days in remand!! Oh, the humanity!!

Just watch CNN. Watch Glenn Beck. Nancy Green. That is not the slightest resemblance to news.

Ten kids died while I wrote this, died with terrifying anguish. A few people die in the US every minute. One out of six due to poverty. Lack of health care, and nutrition.

Yeah, purple fingers in Iraq. Mission Accomplished. I can't see it lasting five days, five weeks, five months, no more than that. They will great us as liberators (throwing roses at our feet)

How many land mines are spread around Pakistan. Take a guess, they are US made, I dare you. 20,000 kids a year.

Fuck 3000 'of my friends and countrymen'. You live in fear, constant and irrational. You lost the war on terror, it is well past the point that you act irrationally out of fear. Osama Bin Laden has kicked youyr ass, you are so tough.
We have the security forces neccessary to deal with the situation, bring them on.

You have fuck all. You are scared, can't wear your shoes in airports, go through incessant security checks and beuracrosy, your whole life has been tainted, it has been alterd how you do what used to be simple things.

Yeah, tell me how proud you are again, okay?

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