Oct 28, 2008

Fuck is the media ever unfair

Well, your logic is impeccable. BTW, haven't seen an interview with Palins underage boyfriend, hmmmm. Heard he is a drug dealer.

Yeah, did you hear Obama purposely leaves the lid on toilet up?!?

Haven't seen that on CNN. Makes you wonder just how liberal fascist the ultra broken-neck look only left marxist media is willing to go to slant every tidbit of the news in an Obama/communist/fascist way. It is so blatant. They haven't even covered the fact that Barrack Hussein Osama (Opps, an honest bias I mean mistake)Obama sleeps on his left side he is so leftist. The media will do anything including censorship to hide these riveting fact from the MSM

You are so fucking pathetic it isn't even sad, it is painful. But the only problem is that you get proven wrong so straightforwardly and repeatedly and yet you cry that you are biased against.

We should only read about the most pathetically contrived whinings you sorry faced babies have to put up with, and not anything relevant, because then that is picking on you, you freakingly weak and whiny titty-babies are so picked on... on, poor muffin, thas a good boy, you only spilled 95% of your drool on the floor and not 96. How dare we blame you for spitting?

Grow a backbone, or better yet, a fucking brain. Oh, am i being mean to you? I only picked on your fucking feeble bleatings and didn't give you credit for spelling some words right?

How biased of me.

Sep 3, 2008

The usual. Stunted, ugly, r-wing thinking

Your instantly expositorily stupidity is a new record, I am sure.

Sheesh, how can you be so stupid, wrong, and hypocritical?

Yeah, you delete this. I'll watch


to this:http://bluewavecanada.blogspot.com/2008/09/sarah-palin-modern-conservative-female.html

Jul 15, 2008

4 the record

No, CC offered an apology. Can anyone trust anything you write?

Another thing. You're attitude is one of judgementalism and bitter resentment. You ooze intolerance and hate in everything(almost) you write.

Jul 11, 2008

Record keeping

Patrick Ross = "So I'm going to tell you right now: keep pushing that. I absolutely will use any and all legal means to make sure that kind of nonsense comes to a stop.

Don't believe me? Keep pushing."
- - -

You are obviously very distant from an understanding of libel and slander lawsuits. So am I. But obviously, lulu's reply was meant to use such a statement in order to illuminate the egregiousnous of your assumption of agreement and then 'running with it' if someone doesn't respond in the negative to your original query. It was not an assertation of your character, it was only meant to illuminate the stupidity of your original assumption. That you construe her conjecture as libellious or slanderous further illustrates your misunderstanding of the principle involved.

It is obvious to a 5 year old that not saying 'no' does not therefore mean 'yes'. It is even more obtuse to expect someone to respond immediately on the internet because they might not even be aware or your original question. They may be busy elsewhere, etc.
Furthermore, just because you ask someone something does not automatically entail you to a responce. Do you think you are worthy of such respect and/or defference in other's eyes? Talk about haughty and childish narcisism.

Nevertheless, the argument that if you don't respond to an untrue statement/question about yourself means that you can 'run with it with the assumption of agreement' is what could set YOU up for slander if you want to insist on couching things in that light because it is YOU that is stunned enough to do such a thing as misconstrue an obvious situation, or act like you do.

If it is an act, that act then illuminates your malicious and childish nature to purposely misunterstand the other persons position in order to further your agenda.

Me, I just think you are childish and stupid - obviously so.

Jul 3, 2008



mikmik said...
Sure, and it is likely that some being - god - with even more power and complexity than the universe as we know it, popped into existence.

rkball = "it fits with the total facts of our human experience, taken together, and, in terms of probabilities, is far more probable than the universe and our exquisite existence in it popping into existence by accident"

No it doesn't. Don' you ever get over proclaiming your opinion as fact? I mean, I already know your logic and reasoning is very flawed, so why would I give the slightwest bit of credence to your poorly construed opinion?

It is completely unreasonable and insipid to think that there is a god for there is no evidence of one, just an ad hoc explanation of a very contrived and limited understanding of reality. You think that non belief in something utterly fantastic is loopy, yet you have only your wish for an unsophisticated and banal explanation for your reason to exist.

I maintain that it is because of limited ability to reason and understand that provokes the dull to conjure up fantasies in order not to have to think, and obviously many of you cannot think on a very profound level.

One only has to read first year philosophy to understand that reasoning there is a god is at once falacious and impossible.

9:46 PM

Jun 12, 2008

Tory MP under fire over comments about natives

More Conservative shame:
Poilievre, who represents the Ottawa-area riding of Nepean-Carleton, went on to question the merits of related compensation payments.

"Now, you know, some of us are starting to ask: 'Are we really getting value for all of this money, and is more money really going to solve the problem?'

"My view is that we need to engender the values of hard work and independence and self reliance. That's the solution in the long run -- more money will not solve it."

Even his own people are pissed:
The irony of something like this on the day of the apology... . And I fear it reflects an attitude or a view that is prevalent among many members of that caucus."

CTV parliamentary correspondent Roger Smith said many Conservatives are also angry at Poilievre.

"Certainly the content of what he said is very debatable, his timing was not very good at all," said Smith.

Jun 11, 2008

Liberals want investigation into Couillard dealings

The committee is trying to determine the extent of the security breach. Bernier and Prime Minister Stephen Harper said they will not participate, although Couillard is expected to make an appearance next week.
Bernier and Prime Minister Stephen Harper said they will not participate

Mulroney refuses to testify a 2nd time for committee

Opposition members of the committee were not amused. Over the objections of Tory members, they decided last month to resume the committee's probe into the affair precisely because the public inquiry, promised by Prime Minister Stephen Harper six months ago, has yet to materialize.

Apr 24, 2008


Fuck, is that funny!!!! I cannot believe how many children will die o starvation just to prove that food is plentiful!!!! To think, mom will walk 50 km to gather a bag of rice and then carry it (sob) to her forlorn brethren. She may bitch about janjaweed and rapes, but it is a paltry stroll and who is that bitch kidding?
She expects a fee fucking ride after being raped a few times??? She didn't bring water to her babies??? WTF is wrong with her?????

I cannot believe that in this day and age of blastocyte protection that any fetus that is produced doesn't go get the rice for the embryoes that wish to only be alive to be share being a brother or sister to ones that have been so hopelessly ignored by their mothers.

Self serving bitches. If you care about your zygotes, then you will repel the insipid freaks and ignore their insignifigant AK-47 and knife that will slash your cunt, and fucking well deliver that fucking rice, or you don't deserve to call yourself a mother.

Fuck you, Canadian tories, fuck your supposed caring of children, fuck what you preach.

Show me what is important to you, or SHUT THE FUCK UP.
I was in Quebec, in 1967. Shortly thereafter, I wanted to vote for Trudeau. I was only 9 years old.
Obviously, my visit to la belle provence expidideted my understanding of Canada. I stole a piece of coal from the canadian pavilian. I had to give it back when I said, "Hey, look what I obtained!"
Now I have so many tar sands and bitumen that I cannot sell it fast enough.

Like Trudeau said to lougheed - "Your boat may be yours, but it is in my lake" (This was in reference to AB oil deposits and reserves)

Next time anyone thinks they have ownership on any Canadian offerring, or right to special priveledges because of what province or territory they live in, ask which pioneer earned that right for them. Ask who died, fought tooth and nail, who provided the groundwork for our Canada.
It was not for the priveledged, it was for anyone that chooses to be a Canadian citizen.
Why Cannot every child experience the depth and reverence of our history. Why cannot every student get the full depth of our great country and what it means to be Canadian.
To be Canadian means that you are equal to all other Canadians. You have just as much right to feel proud of yourself. One of the proudest moments I ever felt was when I heard health care explained thus: You are a Canadian and therefore you are entitled to healthcare. It is a right of this country.

Do you have any fucking idea what that means to the rest of the world? How extremely special it is to live here? "Just because you are Canadian..."

All kids should feel this great pride. A pride that comes from sharing riches with each other and recognizing that along with each other, we value sharing our gofts with everyone that doesn't have them given.
I will share my gifts, freely. I only revel in my fellows happiness. That is what makes me rich beyond my wildest dreams - to know that every man woman and child is only my equal and without that... I am alone. Canadians are not alone, we are friends, and we are part of each other, and the greater the number of friends we share with, the greater each of us is in ourself.

Apr 9, 2008

My comment of the day

Tell 'em why my post was deleted, hey? [Hint - I called the ingrates(gov't) that didn't fund my ski trip, gasp, 'one who applies negative pressure to a rooster']

What high school did you go to? Did you go skiing in grade 12 Phys Ed as well? Bonnie Doon Lancers - yay! LOL, when I was there, it was the only time BD ever made it to city final in soccer, so unless you played with Ross Ungaro[sic] at O'Leary, you weren't there

You(Hunter)said, "So, you lefties, who love bi-lingualism, so much, WHERE is the money going? If it's not going to school kids to encourage them to stay in French, WHO's getting the billions of taxpayers money?

That's my point, tell me who's getting that money, maybe we should use it for handicapped people instead, but you would HOWL if we even suggested that now wouldn't you?

No. 1 - you must be speaking to me, I am a lefty that loves bilingualism, however, having gone to the provincials in 100m sprint, long jump, and also badminton singles (two of my many letters), I smell a false choices fallacy and I am far to sophisticated to bite. I lost a Texas Instruments calculator in High School, and if you didn't steal it from me, then where is it???

Your second paragraph(that I quoted) is far to bizarre to even reply to, like me saying, "You conservatives would howl if I suggested taxes be lowered", you see where I iz at?

My school, Bonnie Doon CHS, we were city champs in football, volleyball, basketball (Lazert gave us fits in the latter two, Harry Ainley the first), I got 5 letters, I did drugs, and a counsellor took me in the office and asked me why I didn't apply myself seeing as my apptitude scores were at the top. I said "what do you mean (I was clueless about this list, or whatever - all I know is that it was cutting into my class cutting time) (then realization started to sink in and the hairs on my neck started to stand up - I think it was the LSD, but anyhooo...), What do you mean 'highest apptitude'" and he said "your name is right there at the top, the whole school(there were 12 or 1300 students, as I barely recall)."

So, I got kicked out of physics 30 for only showing up for a quarter of the classes, and get this - they thought I was copying until I pulled off the highest marks in the class twice in a row and then I skipped the whole two weeks on relativity and when I waltzed in to write the exam(it was/is my hobby and I already knew all that shit and only wanted to shoot hoops and also MAS), I got kicked out and failed for not having enough hours even though I had the highest mark going into the last month. It was a message to me: quit being such a slack arsed (oops, almost cussed) idiot and get your priorities straight, mikmik!).
So, you would think that such a priveledged, unaware yet brilliant and voted the best ass in school and don't forget athletic accomplishments and source of the best 'experience enhancers', yet innocent snot would get some recognition and have at least his lift tickets, if not his room at the Marmot Lodge, financed by a surtax on tutors for the bottom 99.7% of imbeciles that make up the bulk of our sorry-arsed(yeah, almost) high school and drop out no goodnicks.

But no, I had to pay my own way!!!! It was the first time ever on skis and on day two I was tackling black diamonds and I blew my knee racing (I was ahead, gosh darn it!) when a tip caught a mogul - packed powder, like conditions were once in a lifetime perfect (and I had to pay for this out of my own parent's pockets?).

Hey, I can feel the empathy and heart rending grief at my devasting financial improprieties all the way across town here, Hunter, and believe me, right back at ya for your son (sob, sniff sniff)

I bet your son is even more exceptional than I was! Let me know, maybe we can class action the PC's, both prov and fed, the ingrates! How can they be so heartless as to not care about the needs of the folk with the fewest needs!

Mar 28, 2008

Fuck insipid morons

So, I will spek very slowly and I suggest you print this so you can show it to people that understand reason.
MSRA has big dollars spent to combat this infection and Canada is far ahead of the US in efficacy.

The war in Afghanistan is NOT measued by such an insipid marker as Canadian soldier deaths.

Is that how tiny your view is? It is a scorecard of dead Canadin soldiers - ONLY????

How about civilain casualties, how about the Taliban gaining strength and coming back to influence, the clusterfrick and chaos.

That is one thing. Your false comparison is illogical - red herring shaet and doesn't make sense. The money spent on MSRA is done and gets results, and it is being very properly addresed. It is a moot point.

The lives of Canadian patients and Afghanistan soldiers are not at all remotely comparable you insipid gentleman. It is comparing two unrelated issues and the same principle do not apply to each.

One is being addressed and dealt with better than the U.S., for an example, and is unavoidable. The other is uneccessary and creates death and chaos BY CHOICE.

Do you get it now? When the choice is available ( Afghanistan) vs. a stuation that presents regardless - and is dealt with by neccessity and competently, the princilpe is completely unrelated.

I would like to see your humanity adressed to 35,000 preventable deaths each day, you sanctimonious, bombastic(fool) fuck.

Where are your priorities, where is you reasoning skill.

Neo-conservative, lets get down to basics and talk about humanity and choices.

Jan 5, 2008

Safest free P2P, best results

Limewire is written in Java, and will run on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Sun, and other computing platforms.

No wonder I love Java. It has built in security (runtime environment).

This program is heavily tested by me. There is file confirmation, warnings about duplicate downloads, and is entirely, I mean entirely, configurable.

I run two heavy duty firewalls, anti-virus and reg monitors, plus spyware monitors and scanners. Several net admins that I know use this one, so I feel vindicated. I haven't had any suspicious net activity from Limewire. None. No illicit connection attempts, no incoming, nothing. Even FireFox gives me shit to deal with (outgoing, when browser isn't running, incoming on esoteric ports).

There are details for each result in your search. It is extremely easy to compare results and see the size of download, and go T3 and you get 250 - 500 kbs. Multiple hosts also give these speeds.

Two warnings. Any file that = 119 kb is a virus. Also, if you play a song and it wants to get DRM aquisition through WMP, kill that. It will try to download a "Play.exe" and that is trojan.
Pretty much common sense. My AV (AVG commercial) and my firewall (netVida) block this shit, but just pay attention.

This happens about once in 25 to 50 downloads, but so what. Easy to stop.
No spyware, no attempts to connect to a remote server, absolutely nothing bundled with this P2P software.

You get asked to upgrade every time you launch it. Fair enough. That is all the hassle you ever get, and I may upgrade to Pro just because this has been a consistently ethical program for several years. Consistently.

LimeWire - Gnutella Client

Bit torrent built in. Find a song, and the album it is on shows up in a choice pane. 128 bit encryption, full support and reporting.

Try Jann Arden, U2, or my personal fave, Sevendust 'Licking Cream'. Anything, I have been extremely surprised at how many obscure or old bands and songs show up in plenitudes. For instance; terry jacks, lobe, Dr hook.

Haven't even mentioned the vid selection.

Jan 4, 2008

Best Free Firewall I have ever tested

Test #1This Internet Common Ports Probe attempts to establish standard TCP Internet connections with a collection of standard, well-known, and often vulnerable or troublesome Internet ports on YOUR computer. Since this is being done from our server, successful connections demonstrate which of your ports are "open" or visible and soliciting connections from passing Internet port scanners.
Your system has achieved a perfect "TruStealth" rating. Not a single packet — solicited or otherwise — was received from your system as a result of our security probing tests. Your system ignored and refused to reply to repeated Pings (ICMP Echo Requests). From the standpoint of the passing probes of any hacker, this machine does not exist on the Internet. Some questionable personal security systems expose their users by attempting to "counter-probe the prober", thus revealing themselves. But your system wisely remained silent in every way. Very nice.

Test #2Determine the status of your
system's first 1056 ports

This Internet service ports "grid scan" determines the status — Open, Closed, or Stealth — of your system's first 1056 TCP ports.
32 ports, represented by each horizontal row, are probed as a group. The results are posted as the next set of ports are probed.
During off-peak hours the entire scan requires just over one minute.
For guaranteed accuracy, the scanning time will increase during peak usage when many people are sharing our scanning bandwidth.
A scan of a stealthed system is up to four times slower since many more probes must be sent to guarantee against Internet packet loss.
The test may be abandoned at any time if you do not wish to wait for the scan to finish.
You may hover your mouse cursor over any grid cell to determine which port it represents, or click on the cell to jump to the corresponding Port Authority database page to learn about the port's specific role, history, and security consequences. (Depress SHIFT when clicking to open new window and allow unfinished test to continue.)

Your system has achieved a perfect "TruStealth" rating. Not a single packet — solicited or otherwise — was received from your system as a result of our security probing tests. Your system ignored and refused to reply to repeated Pings (ICMP Echo Requests). From the standpoint of the passing probes of any hacker, this machine does not exist on the Internet. Some questionable personal security systems expose their users by attempting to "counter-probe the prober", thus revealing themselves. But your system wisely remained silent in every way. Very nice.

I came across this a month ago. It is free, and has all the settings to allow or deny or ask your permission for every single network connection;logs of activity,list of all programs on your computer - it won't even let anything make an update connection without my permission - that you can set or modify any time.

Most importantly, I get several attacks every hour (connection attempts) that get blocked and a simple alert notifies when this happens. All ports, for instance:

Funny, I got a box running Linux on this network.

In any event: http://www.netveda.com/downloads/index.htm

Jan 1, 2008

Dear Americans

HNY! Let's talk about anything, as long as it happens in the US!!!!!

I bet that within dayz, it will be another 10 months, giver or take, 'till you vote. Within minutes, someone will change their mind about who they will vote for. How breathtaking, I cannot stand the suspense to see if a poll will show if there has been a new poll about how different opinions lie from dozens of minutes ago, give or take margin of error plus methological irrelevancies, 99 times out of 99 plus or minus and fuck off I am trying to eat breakfast.

I bet within minutes, people die from poverty in the US, but that does not reflect on the viability of any twenty candidate, so who gives a fuck.

If it ain't what Clinton ate for breakfast, and what the polls think about that, it is irrelevant.

You have the most insipid and vacuous stunned fucks running for your leadership, and you don't even get mad, you just choose between them!!

There is nothing more stupid than that. Nothing.

Collectively speaking, as a stunned bunch of idiots, that is the U.S.