Nov 10, 2007

Someone asked how Osama and his followers..

could kill innocent people and expect to get rewarded with 72 virgins.

This, I replied:

Still here. I was walking this afternoon and thinking about these things.

First I tell you. I am progressive, liberal, socialist, and libertarian.

It is a terrible evil what these ones do.

It could have been prevented. That is more evil.

It could have been prevented at least three time. 1)Bora Tora, 2)Warnings from Clinton's admin. that Rice brushed off. 3)Not invading Iraq.

You have no idea how much I hate killing. Anything. Anyone, any animal, anything precious, like art.

Go read Victor Fankl, Mans search for meaning. Then you will evil far, far worse than Atzimma been genetically miscreanted. There is no fucking reason for to kill innocents.

I wonder who has killed most? I hope aren't blair, because Kelly paid price for his conscience, and you know downing street memos.

How many innocents are killed by any war? Aks me about Dresden. Read 'Slaughterhouse Five'

aks me about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Ozama is a weak freak compared to conservative views of what is right. I live in canada. My grandfather left Germany in 1927 to come here and be part of the socreds.

One person dies every fifteen seconds from lack of clean or just plain water or starvation. 1/6 of deaths in the US are due to poverty, I have Universal health care in my country, because if you live here, you get it, no matter how poor you are.

So, which terrist organization is worst? Zamba, 3rd, Stalin, govt of Nigeria, or.....

all of us as humans that let death happen because of our greed and unwillingness to pay attention to the real important things.

How many people and cultures die because of missionaries, and gun barrel diplomacies, and trying to change people instead of understanding them, how many die because we do not share what we have to much of, we want more so we fabricate "crisis" and get self-righteously indignant about them so we don't have to pay attention to what is really important, or the consequences of our votes.

Every single evil person like Jahid kill for what they believe in, and they kill themselves and cause as much damage as they can, Like kamikaze's. They Believe the wrong things, in a humanitarians opinion, but they believe deeply, or are psychotic, probably both.

I will show you some very sick people that will kill because of their belief in 'life', who will kill innocent people that are only trying to do good, who have families and children and wives. Christians, atheist's, Sikh, Buddhist, , Hindi, every religion or 'cause' has it's freaks that kill. They are a very, very, very, small minority, because all the real believers and thinkers believe in peace.

Sarkozky elected in France? You have no idea how that I did not want.


You think Hiroshima was bad? Dresden? Wait. That many people die every day that can be prevented, and the people who do not do what they can to prevent it are terrorists. Of they most efficient kind, you better fucking belive it, because most of their victims are children.

Go to This is a very conservative site, in a way, it is civil libertarian.

Why did you move from Norway? It is the second richest place on earth, where I live is the first, Alberta, Canada, and don't worry, my peoples here elected a puppy in the bush for leader, and here politics is getting more about greed and appearance. We have the two most important things to sell, oil and water, and our leaders want to give the rights to them away.

My proudest day as a canadian was when Chretien said "No. we will not participate.

Canadians are dying in Afghanistan. Canadians died in '39 and '40 before the idiots in congress in a country would send things Churchill was begging for.

What if they were stopped before they got into france, or to the channel? What if they were stopped by their congress which voted the 3rd into inalienable power, legally? Where else has this happened? No matter, let's go watch Oprah and see if we suffer from headaches and fatigue. Oh no! We have almost every disease she brings up, and we are worried! We don't die of hunger, although our fucking countrymen and neighbors do.

What is it like to die of malnourishment, malaria, and dehydration at the same time? When you are two, and your mom has walked 20 mile in 40 degree C to carry a 22.4 kg bag of rice, and jinjaweed gets at her village and kills here childs in front of her face, and thaen rapes her daughters in front of her, and then her, multiple, multiple times?

Terror? Do not tel;l me about ZimZam, I was fukking crying my eyes out almost uncontrollably this afternoon after I read your topic and went home. I do not like scapegoating.

What day is tommorrow. Yeah, there are sick people, but there are greater people than terrorists, or even powerful leaders that engage in ideological based killing and war.

Mahatma and even you and me can save more lives that any group of sickos has killed. We can all be the most profoundly proud humans if we do anything to save live, I will give you site that you can just click links to donate to food banks in Massachusetts, or Africa, ...

Oh yes, as many of my countrymen and family died on 9/11 as a percent of pop of US. Ny friend at Gold's in Kelowna, his daughter got out, but no one, no one, has a right to kill anyone, ever. It may be necessary to stop someone from killing more, to kill them, if neccesary, but that is rarely done properly and is used as a pathetic excuse to show off your hardware so you can sell it as 'combat tested' or just to secure oil. How much of zimma's followers use weapons sold by the US? Russia? Now we got a freak in Pakistan, and he has fissionables. Now we have a freak elsdwhere, and they have fusionables, and you go read PNAC.

So what is happenning in the fake excuse getting Saddam is, so very fake, so very THE philosophy of WHIG is playing out.
First, create a series of regional wars, then use bunker busters (tacticals, haha) against Iran.

We who could prevent deaths from health issues but would rather watch two weeks straight about Virginia Tech on CNN, and every analysis of why what pimple cream may have caused a psychotic to blame innocents, then go kill them.

Spectacular? Yes.
More people have died because of health in the time it took you to read this than at any school.

Any violence is gravely evil, but any violence or death you yourself help stop, or prevent, yourself, because you look the other way, or believe the lies to justify it with, what does that make you?

Suicide bombers believe in having their way of life respected, they hate the ones that try to corrupt it. They belive strongly enough to kill themselves to get that respect. Democracies, human rightists, individual rightists, may have to kill to stop more killing because we want all humans respected and allowed to have life as they choose to.

Hmmmm. Zamma is a tiny blot that was allowed to be. WWII was stoppable before '43. How many of Georges subjects did, as a percent of our populations?

Tomorrow is Remembrance day here.

Read A day in the life. Of Ivan. Read about torture chambers that people turn a blind eye towards.

Yeah, people who make innocents die, or allow them to, they are pathetic.

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