Jul 17, 2007

All the Propaganda That's Fit to Print

The Iran warmongering that gets reported uncritically in the MSM just boggles my mind. This bit on the BBC site makes me want to tear my hair(what's left of it) out, see here;
US wants fresh Iran talks on Iraq

It is painfully obvious to me, and I imagine everyone else that has been screaming about how the US lied and cajoled the US and Britain into invading Iraq, that the same BS tactics are being used again to insinuate that a country is 'cruisin for a bruisin' because of their evil threat to the US, (and of course, world freedom and democracy and Christianity). But the recent spate of 'intelligence reports', or just 'reports' of Iran backing, or promoting, or sheltering militants and sending them and weapons into Iraq for use against the good old boy freedom fighters from the U.S. of A. have been glaringly bereft of any sort of corroboration from sources outside of the U.S. military. Today, we get a supposedly tangible source of such intel. Well, what a surprise!:
Early in July, the US military in Iraq accused Iran of orchestrating an attack that killed five US soldiers and of using Lebanese militants to train insurgents.
The information came from a top Hezbollah fighter recently captured in southern Iraq, an army spokesman said.
Brig-Gen Kevin Bergner said the suspect admitted working with the Quds Force, linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Read between the lines. They tortured a confession out of someone! That they even have such a 'someone' in detention, let alone that he confessed - well you just have to take the military's word on that, but if they do, you can be sure he didn't spill his guts (figuratively) out of a sense of gratitude for 5 star treatment while being a guest at Abu Ghraib, or a sudden burst of a guilty conscious for that matter. More likely, he was threatened with having his guts spilled before, and if, he decided to sing, then I imagine he was just taking requests (saying whatever he thought the interrogators wanted to hear).

But the whole report just stinks of blatantly dishonest insinuations, for instance(emphasis mine):
Iran's foreign minister said his country would respond positively to talks if requested by the US.
The two sides held a ground-breaking meeting in Baghdad in May - the first since they severed ties in 1979.
But the violence in Iraq has continued unabated since then - despite the sending of nearly 30,000 extra US troops there.

SO FUCKING WHAT!?!! The fucking violence in Iraq has fuck-all to do with Iran, and the troop surge (and the original occupation) has nothing to do with Iran interference in the fucking first place! FFS!

But here you have the BBC blindly spouting spun propaganda in a yet further dishonest and leading manner.

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