Jun 15, 2007

Credible sources and bullshit.

What Harper Gov’t Accomplished in 16 Months!
FYI: "You've got to be kidding. You link to the Conservative's web site to 'validate' these accomplishments?
I suppose one could link to the Liberal's website and come up with the same amount of stellar accomplishments.
(Joanne (TB) Says:

Good job, Sandy! And what did the Paul Martin Liberals accomplish? Mmmm… -
LMAO! mikmik)

Give your a head a shake, please. I assure you, the list of promises broken is long in itself. Like I like to say, even Ted Bundy did a lot of nice things in his life.
For sure, at the rate provincial PC parties are falling, as well as Harpers approval rating, you better get another source for this 'good news' because it is painfully apparent know one trust these clowns anymore. Okay, not no one, only a shrinking minority."

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