Nov 28, 2007

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Now you are brining into the discussion our minds and perceptions. There are people that feel no pain. They get physically injured, but apparently do not notice it, unless they look, or etc. Is pain real? Yes, to those that feel it. No, to those that do not. Is it a physical phenomenom that is measurable?
I never said ctabuk saw something that was no there, experienced anything unreal. I said I was not there to experience what he did, so I do not know. I experienced a thing happen with a person that both of us felt. Our minds were on other things, and we both looked at each other after it happenned, it had nothing to do with what was going on at the moment. Okay, we were sitting together, I was running my hand up her bach, and this 'presence' or touch seemed to 'tumble' over her back, and my hand. It was eerie, because I wasn't sure, and we had looked at each other and tried to move on, but finally we clued in and said, "Did you feel that?"

I understand how real these things can seem. I also remember a deep ominous feeling enveloping me one time, that there was something bad happening, and I found a person ODed and nearly dead when I went to look. That was the most powerful feeling I remember. It was one of my parents when I was little.
I understand completely that my memory is all I have. I understand completely that there were already massive signs that something was wrong, and that that feeling was dread and fear upon looking.
I remember it as prescience, but now that I understand it, I know what really was going through my mind.
The air current with my wife, while we where in bed? Never felt anything like it, ever, it made us shiver, no reasonable explanation - THAT I CAN THINK OF - but that is where we get to my point, and understandings, and it is an old saying, to wit: Don't create miracles outy of mysteries.

If these 'paranormal' things happened, why is all evidence anecdotal? Any attempts to verify have always failed. We know and survive because of repeatedly verifyable physical laws and consequences, and they never change, and we could not exist unless they were this way and unchanging, and if they meant anything, we would have evolved to percieve them. If there is a 'hidden' dimension or unapparent part of reality, it would be detectable if it at all manifests, and there would be reliable uses and reflexes to these things. It does not make sense. There is no way I can see it.
There are particle interactions that are so unbelievabley subtle and almost infinetely tine, but our perceptions or beliefs bypass these and affect macroscopic reality only?

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