Dec 24, 2007

love is

i met her and right away she looked and tiny but no look but each knew so maybe ast home later thinking about fucking stupid power play canadians, actually not to bad, markov good shot? HAHAS, then drowsy today i rember the silly things.

Store, walking to see my frozen pizza, with feta cheezes, where is it. WTF? Do they sell it. yeh i remebers them having it from last time and I thought about it with burnt tomatoes and feta sausages and all the greases and tight crussts, the her wht the fuck did that come from and i went to the store many times.

Never seern herr.

Yse I did.

I married her.

You know it, she loved me so much. I coulld not have hurt anyone more if I I tokk our little bboy and stuck a pipe up his ass into his skull and let him screech.

That is hate, and who gives a fuck if it doesn'tr happen to my little girl.

I will take your child and say hello aand then pass by as you you take her to the swing and push her than you smile in th4 warm sun.

I wish that for everytone.
That is heaven, hey? You and you childs, they is happiest as they can.

That is heaven,

when I know


and your tiny baybe have this closeness that they know you to hold them. They feel comfort, you have it you give, you get love back.

What do you want for othters. Your car is driving over 3 months child. You look?

Get the fuck out to put gas into your pathetic vehicle, and stomp on a baby while mommy gets her ccunt split with a machete while she still will not fall to bring the food to her baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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