Aug 28, 2007

Oh, you brute!

Ye-uppp! More firepower than brain power: Firearm Refresher Course

Got this in the mailbag, just had to share. Obviously by an American writer, so Liberals you may avert your eyes lest your brain implodes, and you CBC hacks may go sniffle in the corner now…

From CC: Awwwwwww ... that's so cute. Mind you, it would be cuter if it weren't delusional bullshit: ...

my reply -
That, the deployment of my guns for sport, food or protection is NOT up for debate or uninformed comment.
Yeah, and I suppose you decide who is informed... in other words, anyone that doesn't disagrees with you.
Anyone with such a dearth of reasoning skills as I see here can be trusted to not only not understand properly formed and illustrated logic, you can be sure they are the least able to safely exercise judgment when it is needed most.
Time to grow up. I not only don't want any of you pussies around me at the best of times, you would be the last imbeciles I would ask for protection. You are not protecting anyone, but you live in a fantasy of delusional grandeur that would make any self respecting 12 year old blush at your transparent ego bolstering.
I never seen a gun load itself and fire the bullet all by itself, and I never seen a hysterical drunkard have his idiotic rampage overridden by a gun's common sense. Give me a break. The more drooling, paranoid 'ramboes' runnin' around protectin' folk, the more reason for idiots to start shooting each other and anyone else they think is up to no good - key words "paranoid" and "think".
First, get the f*** over you insipid assumption and even more insipid assertions that our government is just itching to become a fascist regime the second we innocent wimps turn our backs and the only thing stopping them is your audacious brawn and massive firepower.
I spit on you, and you ain't doing nuthin about it. If you are packin', you would kill me, but maybe I should take a page from Cheney, and if there is even a one percent chance you are going to exercise bad judgment and fire at me, then it is my duty to launch a pre-emptive assault.
Why do you types always want to sink to the lowest common denominator? Don't you get the very obvious point that if someone wants to take you out, they are going to f*** you up from behind first before you can shoot anything?
1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a potential victim.
2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.
3. Colt: The original point and click interface.

An unarmed man is smarter than you, and an armed man is a target.
How trite.

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