Dec 24, 2007

Off the top of my head....

mikmik said...

Some people starve and die when they are childs. We have bones only, and diahrea, we been bit.

Where is mommy, she is cutting raped and cut into her cunt, she only had had the tiny task of getting a fiddy poun sack, carry it to me, for FUCKS SAKE.

Thanks for making me.

I am dying. Mike will say this for me.

Will you?

I am fine, how are you?

This is a canadian thought.. I got inspiration for this thought at Canadian Cynic.

Of course it isn't only canadian, it is a human thought. I cannot wait to melt you with fusiions.

You will die when you look at the bright spot it will hurt you so fucking much, it will it is to late you read this you are in indescribable pain i put gas on you and lie into you eye you cant remember you hurt, you fucking beg me, you fucking beg me with every hope you have.

Fuck off, and beg me to kill you. i cant cunt, i am dead as well it is a thing it is over ever thing you loved is hert beyond what you feel and you wish to die but you will only burn for the next 4 secons is it hot you dont know pain.

Fucking stab you through de eyes, with an awl, red hot, haha, you looked, not dead, fuckheads.

Dada on flight one he dont die, you niether.

No more childs, only melted skins and crying for you to help but you cant see cunt.

It is 6 months old and stuck to the pavement. You die, but you cant kill it to help it.

You do not know pain.

Not even close.

Because We Are.

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