Oct 18, 2007

Met someone on lavalife, huh?

You like my words? I meet you in Portugal, i always wish this place to me, I will go Lisbon if you want.

I have not many money, But I am in purpose any time to see my future love, and also I like sailing! I have done this easy thing in Kelowna, on the many lakes, Lake Okanagon is the big one, you can see pictures from my earlier letters.

Sparta, and Dynamo Kiev are my favourite footballs, and Petr plays with the tam , the ones champion at ukraine, and in league for rtophy, Svovbada ge is. he is brothet here in Hockey, but long ado retired. I have only been with dad into reports of press club, internationall, but I meet many people that i wish into my desires, the mans that play football. he is the one at Brazil I get signature from my dads, he is always the best ever man in the world.
You come visit? i will be fun man, I am not afraid to anything. I talk funny english, because nyou wonder whu i will do this. It make games to you. You are welcome to canada, and i wish you, but I protect my people and never to let them fooled now. Never, ever, is my country having insults. It is the one where we always have protect to everyone that has no cost, and it is the one that is rich with oils, and it is the one that all countries look to with respect, as peacemakers. It is the best fucking country to ever in history be, it is a paradise of caring for each others, and humanity, and I love it most of all with any piece of me.

Even the stupid leader is man from my country, and He is with understanding about others as a result. Any persons from Canada that I suspect get fooled by another or tricked, I will defend them. It is my peoples. I love them most. It is sure. if you arereal womans, you can be at my guest to best country, and I have your frucking health care payed for, bacause our people are this way to visitors. We ask only some repsects, but mANY AMERICANS COME FOR FREE SERVICES and we let them.

We are the lovers to other peoples. We know what is peace. We are ahead of everyone on this place with our desires for equalities and respects.

You are fucking lucky man from Canada talks to you and invites you to his heart. If you are real, and I very doubt it, you will be extremely special woman to still ask for my company, the one of brilliance I want, and the brat to spank me if I am petulant and out of order..

I knpw also the woman with great looks that own places where I practice my physical excercises, bery beautiful and in the magazines, both Body Maz, and the other woman, sandy, with special boy.

Send to me your plans. i will accomdate.

Oct 17, 2007

Where's my banana?

So, old proposition: an infinite number of monkeys and will eventualy produce works of William Shakespear, what ever the spalling.

Now, How long will this take?
Instantly, it will happen immediately.

How many times will it happens?
That is also easy. An infinite number of times.

This is more difficult now. Has it happenned? what about our existence now. What is this such remote possibility?
The universe had to expand in a very, very, very, very precise way, and with exact parameters, very, very, very precise. It is virtually 1 over infinity that this will happen.



Why? Not insipid response that "because we are here in this state and it has happen so the realization is established, and therefore 1."

Why did it?

Now, How many times has it?

Hah, this is trick. 1 times, not infinite.

Will it happen again?

No, it will not...

How do I know this, for a certain and established fact? In fact, how do I know that there are finite possibilities?

That one is easy. I know for a fact that there are no other ocurrances.

Why? How is our probabilty completely predictable at 1, and not because we are but because it is inevitable, yet we know it will never happen differently, never has, and never will.

Perhaps we misunderstand our limitations, but we do not, this is the thing. We know that there is only one occurance, that it had to happen, yet it is the only one to happen, and is the only one that ever will, or ever has.

How can I prove this? even though the existence of various universes with varying physical laws will, sooner or later, produce the one with a flat enough structure to enable the stability necessary for a continued event, it is proven that an infinite number of events has not occurred, and that we are not an eventuality.

Where is the breakdown in our reasoning? The incogruity? We cannot happen, yet we are inevitable, with or without infinity.

Now we are talking. We know enough to know, we just connect the dots, and we will know. It is our essence, the answer is there, we just don't understand what we mean, and it is not profound or mystical, but it just is a certain way, and it is displayed why through us.

I know this.

Oct 14, 2007

What irrelevant shite

Huh? My friend won the prize in '85 as part of a group of physicians.
Gore won, along with an internationally respected inclusive group of the most highly respected researchers in the world.
You want to bicker about insignifigant tripe?
I remember being at this site when you whiners were scapegoating a supposed non credible placement of a temperature recording device that some fanatic obsessed over and you all bought into.

I mean it, get over your infantile pretentions of meaningful rhetort and criticism. I don't care if Gore was so stunningly insipid as to glorify the death of small animals, he has been awarded THE Nobel Prize for Peace, and it is said and done, and you can't do anything about it but eat crow over the fact that you are fricking stupid and wrong about climate change, and the rest of the world moves on without you.

Small dead Brain Cells, that would be a more witty name for this trash.

Oct 13, 2007

It is now old and redundant

It is so very discouraging now, to read these pages, for instance( Huffintonpost ), and see the same indignities and vastly repetitive expressions of outrages that are just only, proven by countless example, to be merely vehicles for self-righteous indignation, but having no real consequences.

I am tired of the examples of the sheer insulting contempt for morality and common purpose shown in the U.S., both by facile and childish attitdudes of what leadership is about, and the very, extremely frustratingly uselessness of pathetic pretentions of outrage by the Democrats, and the unbridled sycophantic behavior of the media.

When a person commits and eggregiously outrageous act of immorality, like Paris Hilton whining about her tortured treatment in remand, or the lives of a few minors trpped and the drama of the rescue attempts, these are not without interst, or human compassion.
But when every few seconds poverty stricken women, men, and mostly children die from lach
k of clean water and basic health care and mostly food, our western, trite and childish attentions are focused on insignifigant events of greatly exaggerated importance and blanket media coverage.

How very fucking sad and disgusting is our own government in its shining contempt for what 80% of people feel is the most important issue facing man today, the degradation of our enviornment, and thus the ability to support life, ultimately ours, is given petulant and grudging attention with a facesiously transparent effort to appear attentive. Then when the sheer insulting absurdity of a 'commitment' to perhaps regulate eviornmental guidelines by 2050 in his portfolio, Steven Fucking Neo-con Harper has the audacity to sanctimoniously preach to the Pacific economies about the need for change in industrial enviornmental accountabilities, it is beyond an insult to have anyone, let alone a leader, act with such blatant disrespect of honesty and integrity, right to our knowing faces.
He will use the most trite and hollow diversions like 'Jelly Bean' regulations instead of answering a direct question about Canada's commitment and policy regarding very important natural resources and potential whoring of our economy to the U.S.
He lies to our faces, and his party is insipidly regressed and immature for national, even local, platform and ideology.
The U.S. is beyond help, with a full time media blitz, By FOX and WAPO and others medias that fight for the right to fall over prostrate to the admin and ludicrous childish behaviors and opinions presented as important news.
CNN, with it's tawdry attention and blanket coverage of the prodigeously effusive meanderings of david beckham, and hiw wife, who is going to teach her daughter the important lessons in life like applying makeup and choosing the correctly fashionable clothing for every occasion, who has proudly proclaimed she hasn't ever read a book, and hasn't even considered reading anything to her daughter, this is national and exclusive news for days or weeks at a time.
Meanwhile, a slimey and corrupt VP, Cheney of course, up and declares he is not governed by any accountability such as executive duty to provide documents and/or reasons for any bullshit he wants to perpetrate, even goes on the US gov't website and posts this infantile excuse, having already used executive responsibilties and rights to not reveal his energy policy arrangement with heavy industry - specifically Exxon and Shell, and other US heavy oil producers that feel zero responsibility except for their god given right to destroy the enviornment without consequence in their god given right to exploit resouces and people in the glorified name of appropriating money into executive hands, and caring little, if at all, for their poverty stricken employees and their children without basic health care.

The North American society in general is a willing, no exuberant, herd of stunned ruminaries that chew and regurgitate and rechew yet again, the nutritionally empty diet of empty 'entertainment' insted of demanding a balanced diet of knowledge that is important to life.

What a wonderful expression our society is of brain dead fucks that march along and chew on fat laden fast food burgers, even thought we know it is destroying our heart.
And by heart, I mean our minds and our humanity, of course.

Oct 11, 2007

now if we could just get rid of billions of neutrinos hassling us

Origin Of Cosmic Rays Illuminated


According to theory, charged subatomic particles bounce like pinballs around the shock front. They pick up speed until they move nearly the speed of light. Last year, observations from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory suggested that electrons are being accelerated rapidly (as fast as theory allows) to high energies in the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A.

But alpha particles, they are the heavy artillary - see 'protons'
Because of their charges, these protons can be accelerated by electrical or magnetic fields to high energies, and can thus become a dangerous form of particle radiation.
a simple explanation