Oct 18, 2007

Met someone on lavalife, huh?

You like my words? I meet you in Portugal, i always wish this place to me, I will go Lisbon if you want.

I have not many money, But I am in purpose any time to see my future love, and also I like sailing! I have done this easy thing in Kelowna, on the many lakes, Lake Okanagon is the big one, you can see pictures from my earlier letters.

Sparta, and Dynamo Kiev are my favourite footballs, and Petr plays with the tam , the ones champion at ukraine, and in league for rtophy, Svovbada ge is. he is brothet here in Hockey, but long ado retired. I have only been with dad into reports of press club, internationall, but I meet many people that i wish into my desires, the mans that play football. he is the one at Brazil I get signature from my dads, he is always the best ever man in the world.
You come visit? i will be fun man, I am not afraid to anything. I talk funny english, because nyou wonder whu i will do this. It make games to you. You are welcome to canada, and i wish you, but I protect my people and never to let them fooled now. Never, ever, is my country having insults. It is the one where we always have protect to everyone that has no cost, and it is the one that is rich with oils, and it is the one that all countries look to with respect, as peacemakers. It is the best fucking country to ever in history be, it is a paradise of caring for each others, and humanity, and I love it most of all with any piece of me.

Even the stupid leader is man from my country, and He is with understanding about others as a result. Any persons from Canada that I suspect get fooled by another or tricked, I will defend them. It is my peoples. I love them most. It is sure. if you arereal womans, you can be at my guest to best country, and I have your frucking health care payed for, bacause our people are this way to visitors. We ask only some repsects, but mANY AMERICANS COME FOR FREE SERVICES and we let them.

We are the lovers to other peoples. We know what is peace. We are ahead of everyone on this place with our desires for equalities and respects.

You are fucking lucky man from Canada talks to you and invites you to his heart. If you are real, and I very doubt it, you will be extremely special woman to still ask for my company, the one of brilliance I want, and the brat to spank me if I am petulant and out of order..

I knpw also the woman with great looks that own places where I practice my physical excercises, bery beautiful and in the magazines, both Body Maz, and the other woman, sandy, with special boy.

Send to me your plans. i will accomdate.

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