Oct 17, 2007

Where's my banana?

So, old proposition: an infinite number of monkeys and will eventualy produce works of William Shakespear, what ever the spalling.

Now, How long will this take?
Instantly, it will happen immediately.

How many times will it happens?
That is also easy. An infinite number of times.

This is more difficult now. Has it happenned? what about our existence now. What is this such remote possibility?
The universe had to expand in a very, very, very, very precise way, and with exact parameters, very, very, very precise. It is virtually 1 over infinity that this will happen.



Why? Not insipid response that "because we are here in this state and it has happen so the realization is established, and therefore 1."

Why did it?

Now, How many times has it?

Hah, this is trick. 1 times, not infinite.

Will it happen again?

No, it will not...

How do I know this, for a certain and established fact? In fact, how do I know that there are finite possibilities?

That one is easy. I know for a fact that there are no other ocurrances.

Why? How is our probabilty completely predictable at 1, and not because we are but because it is inevitable, yet we know it will never happen differently, never has, and never will.

Perhaps we misunderstand our limitations, but we do not, this is the thing. We know that there is only one occurance, that it had to happen, yet it is the only one to happen, and is the only one that ever will, or ever has.

How can I prove this? even though the existence of various universes with varying physical laws will, sooner or later, produce the one with a flat enough structure to enable the stability necessary for a continued event, it is proven that an infinite number of events has not occurred, and that we are not an eventuality.

Where is the breakdown in our reasoning? The incogruity? We cannot happen, yet we are inevitable, with or without infinity.

Now we are talking. We know enough to know, we just connect the dots, and we will know. It is our essence, the answer is there, we just don't understand what we mean, and it is not profound or mystical, but it just is a certain way, and it is displayed why through us.

I know this.

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