Oct 14, 2007

What irrelevant shite

Huh? My friend won the prize in '85 as part of a group of physicians.
Gore won, along with an internationally respected inclusive group of the most highly respected researchers in the world.
You want to bicker about insignifigant tripe?
I remember being at this site when you whiners were scapegoating a supposed non credible placement of a temperature recording device that some fanatic obsessed over and you all bought into.

I mean it, get over your infantile pretentions of meaningful rhetort and criticism. I don't care if Gore was so stunningly insipid as to glorify the death of small animals, he has been awarded THE Nobel Prize for Peace, and it is said and done, and you can't do anything about it but eat crow over the fact that you are fricking stupid and wrong about climate change, and the rest of the world moves on without you.

Small dead Brain Cells, that would be a more witty name for this trash.

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