Jun 24, 2009

You cannot hold this against me, unfortunately

So, I was in the liquor store yesterday(Tuesday 06/23) and barely had enough cash(pennies and change) for a can of Axehead or other can of beer (Disturbed - Torn)
and while inside the cold room this chick that looks like a swimsuit model comes up and akxes what I am doing and when I tell her I am looking for a good deal she basically says "chip ins" and gives me a couple of bucks in change. The thing is, is that she holds the money 'out' in her hand right in between her very big tits(she was wearing a tight T-shirt to match her jeans) and when I take the money I went for the money squeeze and she just stood there while I rubbed them!!!!! The toonies!!!!
So, I said, "let's get this and go somewhere" and she smiled, said yes, so while I was paying for my/our can of beer, SHE STARTS TALKING TO SOME OTHER EVEN MORE HOMELESS LOOKING BUM and by the time I get out of the store she is leaving wit him and won't even respond when I axe her what the fuck?

She was about 26 years old, 115 lbs, 36DD and very fucking pretty, gave me money for beer when I was desperate for it(it?), and it was all over in a matter of seconds, LMFAO!

Maybe that's why she left, LOL, but really, just now I am walking to the library and some very young(maybe `18-19) girl yells at me,"whats up, hot stuff". She was sitting with her legs spread very wide on her boyfriend's lap but nevertheless I feel used like was trying to make him jealous.

Almost makes up for living in a province where the PCes get more votes the nastier they behave. Some correlation there I imagine.

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