Jun 20, 2009

While I am on a roll

I like to bug people about little slips, like saying, "you don't know what scary is" as if I fell of the turnip truck, or others I like(potato trucks, eg).

You do not know what scarry iw ya wee ninny,whatup wi'mi'kee'brd SDG! Well, I am now a expert this is scarey shite as you can tell by my ex wife in the video.
I hate calling people names like 'Twatsy' 'cause they went to U of A .

Where would U rathr B : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi_efzYcXGI

Granted, it's not etude in E- ssshhhhhhhhhhhhh thats music.
can't believe that I like that better than my metal shit. It's good.

Now that's music, but I know why. Who has time for beautiful these days.

Let's ask Ted Nugent:

What the NRA Wants: 2) Immunity Legislation
Give sweeping legal immunity from lawsuits for Bull's Eye Shooter Supply, who armed the DC snipers and sold guns used in at least 52 other crimes (AND, while we're at it, all other gun manufacturers and dealers who are negligent).
Let's slam the courthouse door shut on the victims of gun crimes once and for all.

Fucking eh!!!! I say shut the door on whimps! Fuck appeals, shoot their kids or what the fuck!they are motherfucker guilty as you, motherfucker, kill tommorrow fucking whiners.

Got a friend that was bringing bottles to the depot and got hit by 4 or 5 fucking dick fucking heads with baseball bats and broke his arms and one leg and that was before he cashed them in why not wait and then just get the coins you stupud violent motherfuckers but Twatsy wants to tell you what scary is.

Cunt with a furious name, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqomZQMZQCQ


Maybe I will pick on this sorry ass: http://thealbertaardvark.blogspot.com/
The most recent Ardvark
Hah, good link, SDG, I mean FFS! Hey! None of the links work!
I did get this

There was a small systems error. Please try refreshing

Must be a bad day*. None of the links work and all that. perhaps I hit at a bad time. Call me, we'll do html programming.
Kind of a ruin when you expect something but, hey imjustsayin, at least these fuckers got their moneys worth.
recognize the lass? Shes canadian, as is her Identical twin. I don't really think they made this in a Tihuana bar.
Notice the total lack of responce in scene 3.

What fucked up music, hey?

*I had a day myself, let me tell you! Went from a dream but before I could right it down the opportunities presented, SDG, I mean LOL!

PS They folks in the bar = BTs
The fuckheads on stage = me

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