Jun 20, 2009

The Entertainment value, for the record

As KKKate would say, let's "juxtapose":

For many, many, many months, the incessant, relentless screeching and shrieking of how CC is such a mean, rude guy and how he'd never say that stuff to people to their faces and, boy, is it lucky he hides behind that anonymity and, man, if we ever got ahold of him, that pathetic coward, ooooooooh ...

For the last couple days, the frantic and desperate shuttering and moderation of comments sections, as the aforementioned troglodytes barricade the doors to make sure I can't drop by and tear someone a new orifice.

Who could have imagined that's how it would turn out?

P.S. If you truly want me to call you a "douchebag" to your face, you can find me here. It'll cost you five bucks, but I'm sure it will be money well spent.

Posted by CC at 6:39 AM
Sparky said...
My good friend Patrick won't be there
Apparently you're only worthy of mockage on-line
And apparently (using patented Patrick debating techniques) he's never heard of a plane

7:42 AM
Cherniak_WTF said...
I get the feeling that these assmonkeys are bigger chickens in person...

These are the same people that pee their pants seeing brown people across the street... and scream about the islamofascist taking over the world

9:51 AM
chris said...
1. Anonymity=Cowardice
2. ?
3. Profit!


Now that you've been unleashed (rather than outed) can we look forward to an MSM column soon? The irony would be very tasty.

9:52 AM
Cherniak_WTF said...
can we look forward to an MSM column soon?
Unlike Ralphie Alex, you can use your real name...

Not that a third rate rag like the National Post would care about that...

10:52 AM
KEvron said...
"If you truly want me to call you a "douchebag" to your face, you can find me here. It'll cost you five bucks"

how much more to get lulu to call me "worm"?


1:26 PM
mikmik said...
No fucking way!

I had one other though while I was waking and they were inserting my double martini IV!

I was thinking about that commercial where the pimply faced kid say "When you are this big, they call you mister" so naturally I thought "When you are this fucking stupid, they call you douchebag"

That's when my IV came out, BTW, SMG I mean FFS!

I am not kidding, these things I thought of and they were all referenced in the first two posts here.

There is a god! Mr something!

4:12 PM

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