Jun 23, 2009


'Men are attracted to smiles,' Alberta MLA advised girls on blog
Edmonton-Calder Conservative MLA Doug Elniski apologized late Monday
afternoon for controversial comments that he posted on his blog, and insisted
that he is not sexist.
Elniski posted the text of a speech on June 13 that he said he gives to junior high school students at Grade 9 graduation ceremonies.

Part of the posting included advice to girls saying, "Ladies, always smile when you walk into a room, there is nothing a man wants less than a woman scowling because he thinks he is going to get s--t for something and has no idea what."

It continues, "Men are attracted to smiles, so smile, don't give me that 'treated equal' stuff. If you want Equal, it comes in little packages at Starbucks."

Elniski's blog was taken down on Monday afternoon.

Was it now? Funny, that.

In earlier recent news:

Iris Evans
In an interview with the Herald on Wednesday night, Evans said she didn't intend to suggest two-income parents weren't caring for their children properly.

Could have fooled me:
"They've understood perfectly well that when you're raising children, you don't both go off to work and leave them for somebody else to raise," Evans said. "This is not a statement against day care. It's a statement about their belief in the importance of raising children properly."

A Conservative saying something stupid? No freakin' way!
Leave it to Beaver – Alberta style.

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