Jun 20, 2009

For the record:Tunes ... or wishing death on people. Tough decision.

Over at Small Dead Consciences, guest blogger Lance gives a big shout-out to his BFF Darcey:

Or if you're not into blues, there's always some of Darcey's eliminationist rhetoric:

The friggin' sticker says support our troops and does not say support our troops in Afghanistan. Pieces of shit bitch about nothing but then again everything they say is asshole. The wonderful piece of shit members of the Council of Canadians are also intertwined with the wonderful piece of shit 9/11 troofers and typically spend their time attacking the one issue wonder of water trade with Obama's America. Outside of that they masturbate a lot, spend time on the 'progressive' Canadian forum Rabble and in general are around to oppose the old American administration of George Bush and promote social justice which is just another word for communism.

Hope you die you bastards, hope you die.

Canada's compassionate conservatives: Always giving you a choice since some people might not like blues.

BONUS TRACK: And at no extra charge, we give you one of Darcey's bloggers-in-crime, one "Krazy," explaining how to deal with those uppity broads. And the only reason I mention this is that Sitemeter just this minute gifted me with this.

Disclaimer: At no time was any private information harmed in the making of this post.

Cherniak_WTF said...
Disclaimer: At no time was any private information harmed in the making of this post.

Maybe it should.

9:53 AM
mikmik said...
SMD. Is that the one that put live goldfish in her bunt?

I'm just sayin
Could be mistakin
That she would suffocate critters
In her twat.
Perhaps not.

Small dead goldfish. If is smells like a dead fish, flops like a dead fish, it can call itself Lance, fine by me.

Same rot.

LOL. Was waking up and for some reason thought of SDG, I mean A. I predetermined this post and wondered if the opportunity would ever arise, but lo and behold, the first topic I get to.

What the fuck, cat, get away from here. Fuck off, you got cats? they sure seem to want to mosey around the computer at wierd times.

Small Dead Goldfish. LOL :)

3:58 PM
mikmik said...
Can't belive I forgot this!!! Almost missed the Klien reference, SDG! I mean FFS!

The other poem I came up, while awaking, with was about evolution and Alberta politcs.

The Origin Of Speciousness:
Survival of the Shittyest by Natural Election

Maybe I'll go back to bed.

4:04 PM

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