Jan 5, 2008

Safest free P2P, best results

Limewire is written in Java, and will run on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Sun, and other computing platforms.

No wonder I love Java. It has built in security (runtime environment).

This program is heavily tested by me. There is file confirmation, warnings about duplicate downloads, and is entirely, I mean entirely, configurable.

I run two heavy duty firewalls, anti-virus and reg monitors, plus spyware monitors and scanners. Several net admins that I know use this one, so I feel vindicated. I haven't had any suspicious net activity from Limewire. None. No illicit connection attempts, no incoming, nothing. Even FireFox gives me shit to deal with (outgoing, when browser isn't running, incoming on esoteric ports).

There are details for each result in your search. It is extremely easy to compare results and see the size of download, and go T3 and you get 250 - 500 kbs. Multiple hosts also give these speeds.

Two warnings. Any file that = 119 kb is a virus. Also, if you play a song and it wants to get DRM aquisition through WMP, kill that. It will try to download a "Play.exe" and that is trojan.
Pretty much common sense. My AV (AVG commercial) and my firewall (netVida) block this shit, but just pay attention.

This happens about once in 25 to 50 downloads, but so what. Easy to stop.
No spyware, no attempts to connect to a remote server, absolutely nothing bundled with this P2P software.

You get asked to upgrade every time you launch it. Fair enough. That is all the hassle you ever get, and I may upgrade to Pro just because this has been a consistently ethical program for several years. Consistently.

LimeWire - Gnutella Client

Bit torrent built in. Find a song, and the album it is on shows up in a choice pane. 128 bit encryption, full support and reporting.

Try Jann Arden, U2, or my personal fave, Sevendust 'Licking Cream'. Anything, I have been extremely surprised at how many obscure or old bands and songs show up in plenitudes. For instance; terry jacks, lobe, Dr hook.

Haven't even mentioned the vid selection.


Mike said...

Pretty much common sense. My AV (AVG commercial) and my firewall (netVida) block this shit, but just pay attention.
If everyone had and used common sense, then we wouldn.t need Anti-virus/-spyware programs now, would we?

David said...

Terry Jacks? Alright, now you have me interested. If the Stampeders show up, the I will be a fan for life.