Apr 9, 2008

My comment of the day

Tell 'em why my post was deleted, hey? [Hint - I called the ingrates(gov't) that didn't fund my ski trip, gasp, 'one who applies negative pressure to a rooster']

What high school did you go to? Did you go skiing in grade 12 Phys Ed as well? Bonnie Doon Lancers - yay! LOL, when I was there, it was the only time BD ever made it to city final in soccer, so unless you played with Ross Ungaro[sic] at O'Leary, you weren't there

You(Hunter)said, "So, you lefties, who love bi-lingualism, so much, WHERE is the money going? If it's not going to school kids to encourage them to stay in French, WHO's getting the billions of taxpayers money?

That's my point, tell me who's getting that money, maybe we should use it for handicapped people instead, but you would HOWL if we even suggested that now wouldn't you?

No. 1 - you must be speaking to me, I am a lefty that loves bilingualism, however, having gone to the provincials in 100m sprint, long jump, and also badminton singles (two of my many letters), I smell a false choices fallacy and I am far to sophisticated to bite. I lost a Texas Instruments calculator in High School, and if you didn't steal it from me, then where is it???

Your second paragraph(that I quoted) is far to bizarre to even reply to, like me saying, "You conservatives would howl if I suggested taxes be lowered", you see where I iz at?

My school, Bonnie Doon CHS, we were city champs in football, volleyball, basketball (Lazert gave us fits in the latter two, Harry Ainley the first), I got 5 letters, I did drugs, and a counsellor took me in the office and asked me why I didn't apply myself seeing as my apptitude scores were at the top. I said "what do you mean (I was clueless about this list, or whatever - all I know is that it was cutting into my class cutting time) (then realization started to sink in and the hairs on my neck started to stand up - I think it was the LSD, but anyhooo...), What do you mean 'highest apptitude'" and he said "your name is right there at the top, the whole school(there were 12 or 1300 students, as I barely recall)."

So, I got kicked out of physics 30 for only showing up for a quarter of the classes, and get this - they thought I was copying until I pulled off the highest marks in the class twice in a row and then I skipped the whole two weeks on relativity and when I waltzed in to write the exam(it was/is my hobby and I already knew all that shit and only wanted to shoot hoops and also MAS), I got kicked out and failed for not having enough hours even though I had the highest mark going into the last month. It was a message to me: quit being such a slack arsed (oops, almost cussed) idiot and get your priorities straight, mikmik!).
So, you would think that such a priveledged, unaware yet brilliant and voted the best ass in school and don't forget athletic accomplishments and source of the best 'experience enhancers', yet innocent snot would get some recognition and have at least his lift tickets, if not his room at the Marmot Lodge, financed by a surtax on tutors for the bottom 99.7% of imbeciles that make up the bulk of our sorry-arsed(yeah, almost) high school and drop out no goodnicks.

But no, I had to pay my own way!!!! It was the first time ever on skis and on day two I was tackling black diamonds and I blew my knee racing (I was ahead, gosh darn it!) when a tip caught a mogul - packed powder, like conditions were once in a lifetime perfect (and I had to pay for this out of my own parent's pockets?).

Hey, I can feel the empathy and heart rending grief at my devasting financial improprieties all the way across town here, Hunter, and believe me, right back at ya for your son (sob, sniff sniff)

I bet your son is even more exceptional than I was! Let me know, maybe we can class action the PC's, both prov and fed, the ingrates! How can they be so heartless as to not care about the needs of the folk with the fewest needs!

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