Oct 28, 2008

Fuck is the media ever unfair

Well, your logic is impeccable. BTW, haven't seen an interview with Palins underage boyfriend, hmmmm. Heard he is a drug dealer.

Yeah, did you hear Obama purposely leaves the lid on toilet up?!?

Haven't seen that on CNN. Makes you wonder just how liberal fascist the ultra broken-neck look only left marxist media is willing to go to slant every tidbit of the news in an Obama/communist/fascist way. It is so blatant. They haven't even covered the fact that Barrack Hussein Osama (Opps, an honest bias I mean mistake)Obama sleeps on his left side he is so leftist. The media will do anything including censorship to hide these riveting fact from the MSM

You are so fucking pathetic it isn't even sad, it is painful. But the only problem is that you get proven wrong so straightforwardly and repeatedly and yet you cry that you are biased against.

We should only read about the most pathetically contrived whinings you sorry faced babies have to put up with, and not anything relevant, because then that is picking on you, you freakingly weak and whiny titty-babies are so picked on... on, poor muffin, thas a good boy, you only spilled 95% of your drool on the floor and not 96. How dare we blame you for spitting?

Grow a backbone, or better yet, a fucking brain. Oh, am i being mean to you? I only picked on your fucking feeble bleatings and didn't give you credit for spelling some words right?

How biased of me.

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