Apr 24, 2008

I was in Quebec, in 1967. Shortly thereafter, I wanted to vote for Trudeau. I was only 9 years old.
Obviously, my visit to la belle provence expidideted my understanding of Canada. I stole a piece of coal from the canadian pavilian. I had to give it back when I said, "Hey, look what I obtained!"
Now I have so many tar sands and bitumen that I cannot sell it fast enough.

Like Trudeau said to lougheed - "Your boat may be yours, but it is in my lake" (This was in reference to AB oil deposits and reserves)

Next time anyone thinks they have ownership on any Canadian offerring, or right to special priveledges because of what province or territory they live in, ask which pioneer earned that right for them. Ask who died, fought tooth and nail, who provided the groundwork for our Canada.
It was not for the priveledged, it was for anyone that chooses to be a Canadian citizen.
Why Cannot every child experience the depth and reverence of our history. Why cannot every student get the full depth of our great country and what it means to be Canadian.
To be Canadian means that you are equal to all other Canadians. You have just as much right to feel proud of yourself. One of the proudest moments I ever felt was when I heard health care explained thus: You are a Canadian and therefore you are entitled to healthcare. It is a right of this country.

Do you have any fucking idea what that means to the rest of the world? How extremely special it is to live here? "Just because you are Canadian..."

All kids should feel this great pride. A pride that comes from sharing riches with each other and recognizing that along with each other, we value sharing our gofts with everyone that doesn't have them given.
I will share my gifts, freely. I only revel in my fellows happiness. That is what makes me rich beyond my wildest dreams - to know that every man woman and child is only my equal and without that... I am alone. Canadians are not alone, we are friends, and we are part of each other, and the greater the number of friends we share with, the greater each of us is in ourself.

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