Jul 3, 2008



mikmik said...
Sure, and it is likely that some being - god - with even more power and complexity than the universe as we know it, popped into existence.

rkball = "it fits with the total facts of our human experience, taken together, and, in terms of probabilities, is far more probable than the universe and our exquisite existence in it popping into existence by accident"

No it doesn't. Don' you ever get over proclaiming your opinion as fact? I mean, I already know your logic and reasoning is very flawed, so why would I give the slightwest bit of credence to your poorly construed opinion?

It is completely unreasonable and insipid to think that there is a god for there is no evidence of one, just an ad hoc explanation of a very contrived and limited understanding of reality. You think that non belief in something utterly fantastic is loopy, yet you have only your wish for an unsophisticated and banal explanation for your reason to exist.

I maintain that it is because of limited ability to reason and understand that provokes the dull to conjure up fantasies in order not to have to think, and obviously many of you cannot think on a very profound level.

One only has to read first year philosophy to understand that reasoning there is a god is at once falacious and impossible.

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